Labour Brokage

NetCareS as part of a policy, recruit almost all her employees from the local community, train them to assume responsible positions over time. Labour brokers are different from recruitment agencies in that labour brokers handle almost all aspects of the worker's employment (including interviews, recruitment, HR, admin, payroll, transport, etc. More Detail

Civil Engineering

As Civil Engineer ,
we serve as your advocate and ad visor through each phase of the building process. Depending on the owner organization, Construction Management services can be traditional or modified with flexibility - each method ensuring an outstanding facility as well as a valuable building experience for you as the owner.
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Plants & Equipment Hire

NetCareS provide the following services;
Plant Operator duties
General plant housekeeping
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Mechanical Engineering

At Netcares Private Limited ,
we strongly believe in the use of Mechanical Engineering . Along with many of our clients, we are committed to the Best . We can provide all services related to mechanical engineering.
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Offices Equipment & Commodities Supply

The Supply Catalogue contains specifications for over 2,000 commodities that respond to the needs of children and their families. The Catalogue is designed to help you identify the most appropriate supplies for your programmes, assist you in your supply planning, delivery and monitoring, and help maximize your collaboration More Detail

Electrical / Instrumentations Installations

An electrician works on commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial projects. There is a direct relationship between the nature and quality of the product required and the payment made by the customer.
Electrical installation is closely associated with other parts of the construction industry
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General Merchant

Wholesaler or retailer who may buy goods from any or all sources for resale to anyone and everyone for profit.
In law, a merchant is held to a higher standard of duty of care than a non-merchant because he or she is deemed to have expert knowledge about the goods he or she deals in
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