HP Printer c02 Error is the well known bug amongst the HP users. This error disturbs the tasks which are performing on the printer. HP printer error c02 is one of the most hideous issues, which is Tags:fix HP printer error c02, hp printer customer service, hp printer. Error code C02 refers to issues that arise when trying to print inappropriate documents. This refers to the document which is in a different format, one that is.

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Code keeps coming up, I have done this a half dozen times and keep getting the same response, around in a circle.

Even unplugged, no change. New toner cart, was getting a low message, no change. It is most likely caused by a print job, so the first thing you need to do is to delete any jobs in your print queue.

49.4C02 error codes when you print PDFs to HP 4350 printers (Windows)

One way to determine if its a job is to power off the printer disconnect whatever cable you have it connected to the outside world by and then power it back sedvice and see if you still get the message. If the printer goes to a ready state with the cable disconnected, then print any internal test page, if it works it’s probably a job.


If my post resolves your issue please click the accepted as solution button under it.

To thank a Tech for a post click the thumbs up button under the post. You can even click both buttons. Give your printer a firmware upgrade. If possible, save the document, close the website, then open the saved document and print from the local C drive.

You mention appying a firmware 49.4c20. How does one do that while the printer is displaying the As well I was able to get the printer into a ready state before can’t anymore by starting it with the toner cartridge removed.

So if it is not firmware or a rogue print job, what else could it be? Shedding any light on this would be much appreciated.

Foolproof Steps to Fix HP Printer Error c02 +

So, it’s displaying the error without the network cable plugged in? That is one of only a couple things: The onboard LAN connection is blown out. The memory module if it has one is blown. Or, the entire formatter is bad. If the unit was accidently tangled up with programming, that will fix it. Then, do the same steps as a “cold reset”, except hit Disable Onbard Lan.

See what that does. If you get this error no matter what you do, you may have a blown out formatter. If you replace the formatter yourself, the very first time you turn it on, do a cold reset. That is about the biggest thing people miss. The is pretty much a with some features fixed, but it still doesn’t cut it for medium or high usage. For low use under 2, pages per month, the MDN is a nice unit.


How to Fix HP printer error 49.4c02?

For over 2, the HP M is a very good replacement. Add on a follow-up visit or two from a tech company and you could swrvice as much as the Didn’t find what you were looking for? This topic has been locked due to inactivity for a long period of time.

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Message 2 of Message 3 of Worked the srevice time. Message 4 of Message 5 of Message 6 of If it has an extra memory chip, remove it and reboot it.

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