A Wagner Matinée. By WILLA SIBERT CATHER. I RECEIVED one morning a letter, written in pale ink, on glassy, blue-lined note-paper, and bearing the. In A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather we have the theme of hardship, struggle, isolation, loss, gratitude and connection. Taken from her The. Regionalism and Local Color. A Wagner Matinee. Short Story by Willa Cather did you know? Willa Cather • had such a sharp memory for mannerisms.

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A more tenable assumption is that Miss Cather exercised the control over her matnee which she challenged for the writer to shape its total impact, to form the final impression which she wished it to leave. Given that Clark provides a firsthand account of his own experiences on the frontier, of his aunt’s life there, and of her response to her current visit to Boston, the reader must determine the extent to which Clark’s opinion of his aunt’s life is a biased one.

In memory she is “pathetic and grotesque,” and at first sight at the train station he comments on her disheveled appearance, covered as she is in soot and the grime of travel.

A Wagner Matinee

It seemed that the thoughts of Mrs. When the train arrived I had some difficulty in finding my aunt. Wiilla arrangement of the groups is unclimactic because the most interesting material comes first, and not all the stories Miss Cather wrote fit into these groups.

Thy hand trembles so thou canst scarce hold the bow.

An ear for music is a gift of nature which some people get at birth. Cather grew up on the Nebraskan frontier, only to go on to college and later move back east, where she supported herself through various jobs and eventually through her writing.

The uncollected stories we have been discussing are not to be reprinted so long as they remain in copyright. Clark then, in a somewhat condescending tone, describes the absurdity of Georgiana’s attraction to Howard when the couple first met and remarks that “of course” Howard was penniless when the pair left for Nebraska.

The letter informs Clark that his Aunt Georgiana will be visiting him in Boston when she comes to attend to the estate of a deceased relative. Cather perfectly captures the pain of something loved and lost, never to be found marinee.

I was unable to gauge how much of it had been dissolved in soapsuds, or worked into bread, or gy into the bottom of a pail.

A Wagner Matinée

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Filthy from her travels, Georgiana seems disoriented and fatigued, and Clark comments that only after a little while does she seem to recognize him. According to Clark, Georgiana’s friends and family were critical of her decision to wed Howard, whom Clark points out “of course” had no financial security to offer Georgiana. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.


In later life, she experienced much negative criticism for her conservative politics and became reclusive, burning some of her letters and personal papers, including her last manuscript.

Georgiana were far away from the concert hall, “she had forgotten to leave instructions about feeding half-skimmed milk to a certain weakling calf Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Cather and Mary Virginia Boak Cather. A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather. His personal experience of life on the frontier adds weight to his interpretation. Women make up a large percentage of the educators and health-care professionals in the United States but are also employed in virtually every field imaginable.

I believe this assumption untenable. But she did not begin her overtly Jamesian period until perhaps a decade after she began to publish stories. Clark does not withhold his judgments of Nebraska, his aunt, or her choices in life. Cather’s “A Wagner Matinee” opens with the narrator, Clark, receiving a letter from Nebraska, which the reader soon learns is from Clark’s Uncle Howard.

All of these details, from Clark’s recollections of his youth to Georgiana’s current itemization of pending chores and concerns, serve to emphasize the all-consuming nature of frontier life.

Indeed, two other good accompanists in Troll Garden are male—only one of the many ways in which Cather undermines conventions of gender in these stories. She had a long and distinguished career writing essays, poems, short stories, and novels. Her eyes were closed, but the tears were glistening on her cheeks, and I think, in a moment more, they were in my eyes as well.

She was further troubled because she had neglected to tell her daughter about the freshly-opened kit of mackerel in the cellar, which would spoil if it were not used directly. The Song of the Lark was provided with a rather apologetic preface which reminds one of the “Preface” to the edition of Alexander’s Bridge.

It was to her, at her ironing or mending, that I read my first Shakespere; and her old text-book of mythology was the first that ever came into my empty hands. He regards her in the same way that explorers are viewed when they return to civilization with missing limbs.

If anything Georgiana has given up or lost everything in the pursuit of love. Sobbing, she pleads to her nephew as the concert ends, “I don’t want to go, Clark, I don’t want to go! At two o’clock the Boston Symphony Orchestra was to give a Wagner programme, and I intended to take my aunt, though as I conversed with her I grew doubtful about her enjoyment of it.


A Wagner Matinee – Wikipedia

When the musicians came out and took their places, she gave a little stir of anticipation, and looked with quickening interest down over the rail at that invariable grouping; perhaps the first wholly familiar thing that had greeted her eye since she had left old Maggie and her weakling calf. Works by Willa Cather. Not terrible, but I guess I’m just not much of a Willa Cather fan. Then it was I first realized that for her this broke a silence of thirty years; the inconceivable silence of waner plains.

Clark wonders about her ability to comprehend themusic’s structure, yet we know that in the past she was a music instructor; it had been her job not only to understand the formal structure of such pieces of music but also to enable others to appreciate it as well. Meltzer explores the ways in which Cather’s childhood and adolescence on the Nebraskan frontier informed her fiction throughout her lifetime. Views Read Edit View history. Cather’s characterization of the two main characters is wrought primarily through the details Clark fixates on throughout the course of the story.

The authors explore the impacts of events such as the Gold Rush, the purchase of Alaska, and the U.

Sarah rated it it was amazing Jan 15, She was further troubled because she had neglected to tell her daughter about the freshly opened kit of mackerel in mafinee cellar, that would spoil if it were not used directly. This act, passed by Congress and President Abraham Lincolngave up to acres of “public” land to any head of household who had lived on the land and farmed it for five years.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The pair eloped after Howard followed Georgiana back to Boston, and Clark is certain that his aunt sought to escape “the reproaches of her family and the criticisms of her friends” by accompanying Howard to the Nebraskan frontier.