Electromechanical lock cases, SOLENOID LOCK ABLOY EL/35 (12VV) EI60 + striker plate EA ABLOY® EL and PE are especially suited for use in exit doors because inside handle (EN ) or panic bar (EN ) enables egress at all times. Abloy EL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Abloy EL Manual.

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The hook bolt interlocks door and frame and creates a strong unit.

All type More information. Start display at page:. This product contains materials, such as electronics, which require specialist recycling techniques. There are 4 buildings side by side. High performance, high traffic devices that provide egress efficiency, freedom of movement and robust security.

Kristina Wilson 3 years ago Views: Two independent dice Use a single or both dice at the same time Display auto shut-off saves battery. Do not use handle down indication to lock s control. Product development at the software More information. Handle controlled locks are best suited in medium traffic doors. Til den udvendige elektrisk-styret side, skal unbraco skruen fjernes.

In some burglary alarm systems prevention of the alarm and lock s control are working at the same time. The product range includes patented hook bolt lock cases. Handle controlled locks can be set to function as fail locked or as fail unlocked.


Gigaset C IP-base 2.

Assa ABLOY EL Electric Lock and Boxed | eBay

Functional and technical descriptions Single and double leaf doors. Telefonkabel til at koble More information. Installation of the More information.

Kvalifisering av ny teknologi Kvalifisering av ny teknologi Siemens AS Procesreferencemodel Information technology Service management Part 4: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Softwareudvikling Retningslinjer for anvendelse af ISO Ny postlov i Norge New postal regulations in Norway.

Fan timer K Suitable for most types of ventilators Solid state switching with noise suppression Can be connected to More information. Taarup 00 El og hydraulikstyring Indholdsfortegnelse Elfunktioner Cars, motorcycles, mowers, outboards, Reduces.

In the fail locked setting, the lock can be opened by handle when power is on and cannot be opened by handle when power is off. Unknown danish retro chandelier from the ties. Don t connect directly to grid!

ABLOY EL480, EL482 Solenoidilukko Solenoidlås Magnetlås Solenoid Lock Ñîëåíîèäíûé çàìîê

If you can not separate these functions, it is not allowed use handle down indication to prevention of the burglary alarm. Our extensive More information. In the fail unlocked setting, the electrical function is reversed.

General Carefully read the instructions in this manual as they contain important More information. Lang beskrivelse sett inn short-text for. The modal verbs kan sende modtage Same word for must and may Future expressed without modal verb The modal verbs A modal verb can, may must, shall or will is an auxiliary it modifies the verb and expresses whether the action described is seen as plan, intention, necessity, possibility, prediction, More information. Each right question counts 1.


FI Lepovirta Max Maks. The locks can be used both in exit doors and fire rated doors EN. Lang beskrivelse sett inn short-text for More information.

SOLENOID LOCK ABLOY EL480/35 (12V-24V) EI60 + striker plate EA307

In top tuned condition! When the product is taken out of use, disassemble it and sort and recycle the different materials as per valid recycling instructions. Implications of people s attitudes for the development of sustainable pricing systems Behave Conference Hege Westskog and Tanja Winther Background for the. Cars, motorcycles, mowers, outboards, Reduces More information. The handle controlled locks are not suitable for use with door automatics.

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience on this eo480. Function Handle controlled locks can be set to function as fail locked or as fail unlocked.