Important Formulae for ACET Exam. Uploaded by. RAMESHBABU · Upcat Review Needed.. Uploaded by. Jose Ian Pagarigan Bautista · General Information. Are you taking the Ateneo College Entrance Exam (ACET)? Here’s the procedure for the ACET application, the schedule of the deadlines and the exam. What is the ACET? The ACET, or the Ateneo College Entrance Test, is a test requirement for admission to the undergraduate program of the.

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The Ateneo College Entrance Test FAQ’s

Are we allowed to bring scratch paper and calculators to the ACET? How to Use this Test: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Going on ahead to the next section is unfair, and you just might get sent home for doing that this will of course render your application forfeited. Please visit using a browser with javascript enabled.

The questions for the ACET are skewed for above-average students, and the test is conducted under time pressure.


May walks faster than Guy. On the test day itself you can bring food Food you should and should not bring to Entrance Tests. In number 26, piano is not a stringed instrument as well as flute. Then what were all those years in lower, middle, and high school for?

Ideally, you should try to replicate real test-day conditions for the ACET. Flee has a different meaning from the rest which are synonyms of evade.

Therefore, resist any irrational, most probably-psychologically-induced urge to urinate, ace. Actor a person who performs on a play, musician a rwviewer who performs on a concert. This site is totally free, please dont forget to share this with your classmates.: You really have to prepare well for it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Besides, you will not need to keep track of how many questions there are.

See how an Ateneo acceptance letter looks like! After that you have a battery of subtests in quick succession, with each having 25 items to be answered quickly. Thank you for the results update. Try going around the Ateneo campus. There are also several fast food places.

Ateneo College Entrance Exam (ACET) Application

This is an alternating addition and subtraction series. The test is fed into a scantron-thing as far as I know. Your email address will not be published. Go do your business read: Skip it, move on, and then come back for it.


Of the three, Boomer weighs the least. Class Z has a lower enrollment than Class Y.

Sample ACET Logical / Abstract Reasoning Quiz

You will be given a bathroom break. An odometer gives you the mileage while a compass gives you the direction.

Usually cited as an example is the Abstract reasoning section of the test which asks you to answer something like 50 questions in less than 20 minutes not sure about the specific numbers anymore. Mathematics English General Acer. The ACET is not right minus wrong, and guessing does not incur a penalty. A high ACET score helps your case a lot, though.