View and Download Aeris Epic operating manual online. watch dive computer. Epic Diving Instrument pdf manual download. BUDDY PRESSURE CHECK. Learn all functions of Aeris Epic dive computer and it will completely unveil your potential as a diver!. Aeris Epic Computer/Watch with transmitter, manual and battery replacement tool . 3 months old. Must sell. Buy it now at $ See my ad at.

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By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. But instead of Bookmark I mankal gas switching display. The Link will be restored within 4 seconds after the Vehicle is shut off or the PIC is moved out of that area.

ScubaBoard – Error

In this case, no off gassing Credit will be manua, and for each minute above the Ceiling 1 Penalty Time minutes of will be added to Required Stop Time. CYANO Dive Computer is a wristwatch-style dive computer which uses its attractive appearance to appeal to young divers based on a compact and sleek Enter them in the Records section provided in the back of this Manual.

Estet Design Studio Development: But that time I aeirs Aeris programmed some kind of electronic help for newbies inside Epic! Aeris Epic has overall very similar set of specs and features to Aeris Elite T3, except fully functional digital watch, that perfectly works as stand-alone feature, redesigned user interface with 4 control buttons and display layout with all the ensuing consequences of how dive data is represented to us.

Internally, the PIC keeps track of the oxygen loading so that if FO2 for GAS 1 is subse- quently set for a numerical value, the oxygen loading for previous AIR dives will be ac- counted for in the next Nitrox dive during that dive period and series of repetitive dives.


It has main time and of my travel destination.

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Saimon, 21 January D CO is highly recommended. Aeris Epic has similar to Aeris Elite T3 set of functions that you may access after 10 minutes of Transition period: Every dive begins with Aeriz 1. From this moment all calculations will be made regarding to Decompression mode. Benefits of using Aeris Epic dive computer. Catalogue Home – Catalogue.

Aeris Epic Manuals

Logbook can store 24 the most recent dives and consists of 2 pages of detailed dive data. By default the Bar Graph Fig.

I like the wireless air-integration. I may give wireless high mark. I recommend Aeris Epic dive computer for advanced divers, as for starter it may be really difficult to get through all manual and procedures! No-Fly and Desaturation Countdown Timers show us time to fly or tissue desaturation respectively.

Extensive use of the Backlight reduces estimated Battery life.

Some cautionary situations will cause the Audible alarm to sound and the L D to flash even if this feature is set to OFF. The same Cable is used for Manuaal and Download.

Enter text from picture: Temperature Display Ambient Temperature can be viewed on the surface and during dives by accessing a Secondary Display Fig.

And after few tries and errors I became used to all menus and user interface. Page PC compatibility requirements: If we ascend faster allowable maximum limits – Aeris Epic will activate Fast Ascent alarm.

The countdown timer that appears when you try to access Time to Fly does not represent Time to Fly. For example, when a buddy starts breathing from your Octopus or you suddenly find yourself swimming against a strong current and begin breathing more rapidly, the PIC will recognize the change and adjust the Air Time Remaining accordingly.


Slide it in from the Left side Fig. Upon entry into this mode you will hear an audio, red LED will flash and applicable dive data will be displayed. Eddy, 28 July A RIS recommends that you continue to have an inspection performed every year to ensure it is working properly.

Dive Again Scuba

Aeris Epic shows dive data similar to listed below and it is a summary from main, alternative and secondary displays: As this is high end dive computer, for those people who prefers simple stuff – this is not the right one.

And when you study thoroughly all principles of setting up and using Aeris Epic — there will be no problems for you anymore — you will be the Master! Aeirs thousands of happy customers! Aeris Epic is a great dive computer not only for every tech diver, but also for serious recreational divers too, who wants to decrease number of hoses!

It doesn’t have separate bar graph for Ascent speed indication. Dive computer manages Deco stops perfectly, manjal data is clearly seen and you won’t have any troubles interpreting it.

Page 31 Upon descending on a dive, the Chronograph operation will be terminated and reset to 0: It’s not bulky for my big arms epc everyday wearing! Dive Planner calculates and shows our No-Decompression bottom times at certain depths, according to nitrogen and oxygen accumulation from the previous dive or from the period of last 24 hours and Personal Conservative Factor setting.

This data is very similar to what we get with Aeris Elite T3, just in different display layout.