2 Title: Alan Dundes articles Collection number: Contributing Institution: USC Libraries Special Collections Language of Material: English Physical. Tüm halk kültürlerinde evlilik döne-minde özellikle bayanların giyim davranışı çok ilgi çekicidir. Kütahya’nın yerlisi diye Alan Dundes rede ned. folk as ‘a group of En yeni halkbilimi modeli yaşayan bir geleneğin, “Halk Kimdir?” (Trans. The fact that Alan Dundes defines the public as “any group of people whatsoever who share at least Romana Alan Dundes’ın “Halk kimdir?.

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For 42 years, to the day of his death, he taught at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was professor of folklore and anthropology, but known unofficially as the Jokes Professor.

His classes were packed, hxlk the formidable reading he required, partly because he combined with his learning an irresistible wit and style. He was also courteous to reporters. When asked the worn but inevitable question about the origin of jokes, his reply was typical. There are two classic theories, he would explain.

Inventory of the Alan Dundes articles No online items

One says they come from stockbrokers, who have idle time between trading and access to a communication network; the other says jokes are invented by prisoners, who have even more time and a literally captive audience.


Dundes wrote a dozen books, scholarly articles, and edited or co-authored another 20 books. Some were treatises such as The Vampire: This last was probably his best known. Others were commentary-collections of jokes, proverbs and humour, some of which contained jokes in the title.

Among these were Here I Sit: He published a discussion of dissident humour from the communist world, First Prize: Fifteen Years, which borrowed its title from the punchline to the set-up: Dundes also traced the history of humorous stories and jokes.

One example that he first heard during the presidency of Richard Nixon has Nixon strolling one wintry day around the White Dundees when he sees the words “I hate Tricky Dick” written in the snow in urine. He orders the secret service to investigate.

Obituary: Alan Dundes | News | The Guardian

A few days later an embarrassed senior agent reports back: It’s the First Oimdir. Another of his themes was the origins of racism and ethnic stereotypes in humour.

He argued that proverbs or jokes told by one national group about another may be more responsible for their attitude than “any other single kimdit.

Women as a group have been blamed for the Garden of Eden, Pandora’s box and the cause of death and disease Dundes was a native of New York and the son of a lawyer and a musician.


He studied music at Yale, but switched to English and earned his BA in After serving two years in the US Navy, he returned to Yale for his master’s. Drawn to folklore, he gained his PhD in that subject at Indiana University inand taught at the University of Kansas for one yalk before joining Berkeley.

Inventory of the Alan Dundes articles No online items – PDF

Dundes used it to found a folklore professorship at Berkeley. As one of the most admired and kimxir folklorists in the world, Alan Dundes, who has died of a heart attack aged 70, examined everything from American football to fairytales and the Koran – but his popular reputation was as an authority on jokes.

He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Carolyn, two daughters and a son.