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They appear to be creating High Frequency pulses that are being transferred to the DeviceNet network.

We had the same problem, but it was with another brand of VSD. Media-wise, the next step is to go ahead and put in shielded DeviceNet cable.

I have never had trouble with the unshielded Kwiklink, but clearly you have a high-power noise generator. With only 4 drives the wiring should not be too big a deal. My favorite tool for analyzing this sort of thing is the Woodhead NetMeter.

Rockwell’s network analysts carry them.

Allen-Bradley DNB (DNB) Interface Module | eBay

They are an effective way to figure out the noise levels in the network and tell when steps you take grounding the drives, replacing the cable, changing the carrier freq. I think your big problem is regarding your devicenet cable, shielding it would likely minimize your shutdown but you lay-out this cable away from your VAC or if alln can’t do it, install this cable inside a rigid steel conduit pipe suitable to the size of the cable you have and install or terminate earth ground on at least meters within the conduit.


This is, I think the most possible solution to your problem. Another thing is on your 24VDC 1756-rnb supply: As much as possible, this power supply must be installed or connected to the middle of your devicenet network physical lay-out.

Check your termination resistor at each end of your devicenet cable. It should be ohms only. Are there any other devices on that power supply.

Allen-Bradley 1756-DNB (1756-DNB) Interface Module

If not, then seperate your network power supply from field devices. DN speed setting too high excessive accumulated drop lengthand termination resistors coming loose.

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Used PLC Controllers and Modules for Sale – Allen Bradley 1756-DNB DeviceNet Communication Module

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