The search is over: finally you have landed your dream apartment in Berlin, your flatmates are great, you couldn’t ask for a better location and. Bürgeramt 1 (Neu- Hohenschönhausen) Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Straße · Bürgeramt 2 (Lichtenberg) Normannenstr. Bürgeramt 3 (Friedrichsfelde) Tierparkcenter. How to make the quest for an Anmeldung in Berlin a quick and successful one? This post is packed with advice on how to save time at the.

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Your and yourself anmeldedormular to fill-out all the documentation required. Be sure to keep the registration confirmation it in a safe place — you will need it on a number of occasions. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. SiB is on Facebook too. Increase your chances by doing a city-wide search. Anup November qnmeldeformular, As we anticipated, you can try your luck with a walk in office, wake up at a ridiculous time in the morning to make sure you are the first person in line, wait, wait and wait and hope for the best.

It is necessary and possible to make the anmeldung proccess? Carmen October 3rd, Check the registration confirmation right away! I have a question from the landlord side: You then wait for your number to be displayed on a screen together with a corresponding room number. They told you that you need an Anmeldung. There were no appointments across Berlin until end of August.


Honestly, it would be a relief avoiding to translate a certificate in German for nothing. For example, if einwohhnermeldeamt have a 24 months phone contract, but you show the phone provider a deregistration form after 4 months, then they are legally obliged to cancel the contract with you. Hi, I am subletting a room through a friend that has an extra room in his flat. I have my Anmeldungbescheinigung: In my opinion, it would affect a possible extension if your visa were to run-out during that time.

My advice if you are to stay in Berlin or in Germany for less than 3 months: Eiinwohnermeldeamt I still have to get the signature from the owner of the flat einwohnereldeamt it is only for a month and a half?

Thank you in advance!

10 Steps – How to register in Berlin

If you register by yourself without any certificates of your family members, then you will usually be classified into tax bracket 1 the highest income tax threshold! Filling-in the Anmeldung forms in English, is that possible?

Or this might cause us some troubles? So yes, in theory this person could get in trouble.

What do I need to bring? If you are renting a room or a sublet, the main tenant Hauptmieter can also sign the berkin, with the permission of the landlord 12.


Bürgeramt Registration Checklist

Hi Krisanov, you need to the anmeldung at your place of your residence, i. I have 11 months contract with them. If you live at a hostel or in a hotel, you are not required to register. If you want a mobile phone, simply use a pre-paid offer from Blue, Lidl mobile or equivalent. Anmeldung Guide November 26, Nevertheless, you will need to cover any outstanding payments for objects you have already obtained like a mobile phone in a mobile phone contract. Find berin a place to stay for your first nights in Germany.

If all the appointments available are too far ahead, just keep a bit of patience — if you keep refreshing the page, some timeslots get freed up every now and then, and you may get lucky and get an appointment even for the following day!


We do our best to keep this article up-to-date. Deregistering is also a necessary way to get out of contracts in Germany.

How do I make an appointment online to register in Berlin?