ARMY TM &P* AIR FORCE TO 11W .. PURPOSE OF EQUIPMENT The M68 Reflex Sight w/Quick Release Mount is used on the. M68 Reflex Sight Manual. This is an illustrated operator and maintenance manual TM &P for the U.S. Army M68 reflex sight. Soft cover, B/W, . The TA31RCO is an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) designed for the US Army’s M4 weapon system (” barrel). It incorporates dual illumination .

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The procedures for record qualification are:. Weapon stabilization is crucial, orientation is irrelevant.

Aim between the fingers with the meter aiming point and make adjustments to the TWS until the visible laser of the borelight is centered on the borelight circle on the meter boresight target. On a moving vehicle, the friction between the road and the tires causes the tires to heat up and become prominent when observed through the TWS.

The soldier must keep the rifle and M68 in a vertical alignment each time he fires. Record qualification with the TWS can be done day and or night. When the target is detected the soldier orients his weapon around the base of the target, activates his laser, and walks the laser to the center mass of the target for engagement.

If the borelight is on the circle and the red dot of the M68 is on the crosshair, the firer’s weapon system is boresighted. Regular blinking during scanning relieves some of the eyestrain that the soldier tends to have trying to spot far targets.

FM Chapter 8 Advanced Optics, Lasers, And Iron Sights (Phase V of

Designed to the exact specifications of the U. If so how long can they stay? The M68’s reflexive sight allows the soldier to fire the weapon with his cheek at a comfortable position; however, the soldier must zero with the same cheek position he will fire with because the parallax free is only effective beyond 50 meters.

The weapon can be stabilized in a rifle box rest or in a field location by laying two rucksacks side by side. Align the meter boresight target with the visible laser of the borelight. Starting with a securely installed and live-fire zeroed BIS, mount the reflex sight to the front of the receiver rail or to the top RAS as preferred. When the visible laser is adjusted to the reference point at 2 meters, then start the procedure again at 10 meters. Equipment Personal Equipment Optics. What should i do my 16 yr old son is smoking?


Lay the weapon on the rucksacks and then lay another rucksack on top of the weapon to stabilize it. Soldiers must qualify on their assigned weapons during daylight conditions as outlined in this manual. When this is done, move the aiming point of the aiming device to the crosshair on the meter boresight target.

Not to fight — not yet, at least — but to help the men and women who do. The procedures for practice qualification are:. Regular blinking must be reinforced during training. When zeroing the M68, CCO at 25 meters, a designated impact zone must be identified on the meter zero target. Before boresighting the weapon system the borelight must first be zeroed to the weapon.

The aiming method used to zero must also be used to engage targets. Target detection procedures for the BIS are the same as with standard iron sights. This will provide enough ambient light for the gunner to see the target.

Practice qualification allows the soldier to practice and refine his skills to succeed during qualification. After the target has been engaged, the laser is deactivated. Align the borelight laser with the circle on the meter target offset. Refer to TM31 Oct 00 for target preparation. Target detection procedures for the Admy are the same as with standard iron sights. During practice qualification and qualification, it is the soldiers preference on polarity and field of view.

During boresighting or zeroing procedures if there is not enough ambient light available to see either the boresight mark at ten meters or the tn on the zero target, a flashlight can be used by shining the light indirectly towards the target.

Anyone know the TM (Army) number for an ACOG?

This will provide enough ambient light to allow the soldier to boresight or zero. A general in the United States Army wants to be my sugar daddy?

The night sustainment training strategy is for soldiers who are familiar with night vision goggles, and for units that have already implemented a night-training program. When a soldier uses proper IR discipline while scanning for targets, he must keep his weapon oriented within his sector of fire.


This is now the point of impact. If the visible laser stops on the zeroing mark, the borelight is zeroed to the weapon. If there is not enough ambient light to see the meter target offset circular crosshair, use a flashlight and shine it indirectly at the target.

To boresight using the BIS, align the iron sights with the Canadian bull on the meter boresight target.

It incorporates dual illumination technology using a combination of fiber optics and self- luminous tritium. One advantage the TWS heavy and medium has over other night vision devices is that it has two fields of view-wide and narrow. Before beginning a night marksmanship program, soldiers must qualify on their assigned weapons during daylight conditions as outlined in the previous chapters of this manual.

The infrared aiming lasers complete the transition from day optics to night optics. Related Questions Is someone lying if they cant remember there army number? To save time on the range, a coach should troubleshoot the soldier before trying to continue the boresighting of the M This allows the operator to keep both eyes open while engaging targets and maintaining maximum situational awareness.

Soldiers should receive in-depth instruction on the proper use and fit of night vision goggles to include characteristics and capabilities, maintenance, and mounting procedures.

TA31RCO-MCP ACOG – Trijicon, Inc.

Placing the cheek aclg the stock weld to get a good sight picture after the M68 is zeroed at 25 meters is no longer necessary. With the newer version, this stuttering is not as obvious. Make adjustments to the windage and elevation of the iron sights until the borelight is centered with the circle on the boresight target.

Adjust windage and elevation on the reflex sight until the center of the aiming dot is at the tip of the front sight post when viewed through the BIS while assuming a normal firing position. Now drop and give me 20!