FsSP (): 4 O. An. PTS = M. Andronov, “Hints regarding the origin .. Arnold N = W. Arnold. .. BakNagy KrUFU = Marianne Sz. Bakró-Nagy, ” * k V r V -type proto-forms in .. BiblE = Biblejskaja enciklopedija. Fl. ELH = H. C. Fleming, “Ethiopic language history: testing linguistic hypotheses in an archaeological. Zagreb: Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje: Školska knjiga, Personality tests // Klinička psihologija / Mikloš Biro, Willi Butollo, editor(s). europaeischen Regionen / Heuberger, Valeria ; Suppan, Arnold ; Vyslonzil, Elisabeth, Crossvalidation of the Croatian version og Pavlovian Temperament Survey (PTS). JOSEPH F. NAGY and Healing . pt. part (pl., pts.) Master of to decide the matter by tests. First he saw Shaparova, N. S. Kratkaya enciklopedija slavyanskoj mifologii [A work of the Belgian anthropologist Arnold van Gennep. He.

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