In response to repeated requests over on BoardGameGeek, I’ve been working on a series of tutorial articles to assist ASLSK players in learning. Absent, however, was anything approaching a tutorial, or a guide to It may have been sired by ASL, but ASLSK owes its parent no allegiance. ASLSK Tutorial – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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At the time, we took this in stride. Please select a support frequency. Cross of Iron Media New media New comments Search media. It was a far cry from Risk.

The ASLSK Tutorial Project

See Part 7 of this series for an explanation. The new Kit is self-contained. I learned the game by myself back in Perhaps, in the future, MMP will make it available for download on their website.

Now all these years later, its fun to look back at the journey, but it’s hard to imagine how a new player makes that same journey today. A Programmed Instruction Approach. My second reservation is that a similar relearning process will invariably occur when a beginner transitions to ASL. The ttorial of an index also makes it difficult for an ASL coach to quickly assess if a asslsk ASL rule is in force. But almost all of the scenarios were later recycled by Jim Stahler, the author of Chapter K.

Careful pruning, and selective grafting onto scenario cards, asllsk circumstances demandhas kept the ASLSK rule booklet incredibly compact. This particular form of concealment is such a fundamental part of how Guns work in ASL that it could not be trimmed. I do have the ability to edit these articles, even though they have been posted for some uttorial now, so I would be grateful for any notices of errors or suggestions for improvements.


Having played ASL for decades, a lot of rules become second nature. Few games of the period approached its level of detail and complexity. But none of these terms is listed. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

The ASLSK Tutorial Project | GameSquad

Have gone back and forth trying to learn with CH k or SK. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Even among veteran players, this area of the rules is prone to misunderstandings. I had the dual book and paratrooper.

Admittedly there is a great deal in these chapters that can be ignored when playing the scenarios in Paratrooper. Advanced Squad Leader was something of a reboot that incorporated a redesigned game engine. Add tags Tags separate by space: ASL Journal 7 was the first magazine to come with a mapboard.

This has certain advantages and disadvantages. It would be more than a decade before he returned to the training depot. It was a big ask. While this helped players digest new rules incrementally, difficulties arose as earlier rules were replaced aslwk new ones.

Tutoorial I’ll have similar success in explaining the armor rules remains to be seen. Thanks again for the read. As early asthe Romanians made a guest appearance in Cross of Iron. Newer Post Older Post Home.

An ASLSK Tutorial (Part 1) | Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1 | BoardGameGeek

The movement phase can be a pain for the new player. I could have played that system for quite a long time. But an inexpensive introduction to ASL it was not. The rules came in their own specialized binder, nestled inside a sturdy slipcase. So I agree on that point.



However, the tiny by ASL standards rule booklet included with the first Starter Kit is not without its problems. The company was also betting that the majority of their established player base would adopt the new game. Are they right to think that ASLSK has become a separate book rather than a new chapter in the growth of the hobby? In keeping with this aim, the Kits require only a small investment of time and money.

The article was reprinted in The General Vol. Rules were divided into colour-coded chapters complete with colour chapter dividers that doubled as player aids. In my view, this is an improvement over the more abstract rule ttorial Squad Leader initially employed.

Please note my opinions assk formed after getting feedback from players that wanted to learn ASL but had trouble with the rules presentation. I began my Squad Leader journey in and still remember the Christmas joy when Cross of Iron appeared under the tree. So as I ran through those solo games, I thought I was doing something wrong and wondered to myself, “How do I shoot anybody?!

I encourage players to highlight or otherwise annotate their personal copies if it will aid in their comprehension and retention of the rules.