Air-Cooled Steam Condensers Performance Test Codes A N A M E R I C A N N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D ASME PTC ASME. ASMEPTCRAir-Cooled Steam Condensers-This Code provides test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance characteristics of. ASME PTC (R) Air-Cooled Steam Condensers This Code provides test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance.

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Each run shall con- tinue for a period sufficiently long to ensure accurate and?????

ASME PTC (R) – Air-Cooled Steam Condensers

Prior to starting each per-formance test, the following conditions must besatisfied: Adjustments to avoid corrections or to min- imize the magnitude of performance corrections are per- missible e. Bannister, Member Emeritus, Consultant J. At the end of thetest period, but prior to the removal of the test instru-mentation, a azme review of the data shall be made todetermine whether or not an immediate repeat test isnecessary.

The Committee welcomes proposals for revisions to this Code. It could have been mitigated to some extent by changes in the design, wind-wall baffling or arrangement of the ACC. These are concepts that must be addressed prior to the construction of the ACC, as they will impact the test philosophy and method. Published on Jan View Download This Appendix however addresses techniques that permit trending and ACC equipment performance evaluations during operation.

The simulation would be better con- ducted during the design phase of the power plant but may also be accomplished later.

An asne arrangement is to locate the tempera- ture instruments around the perimeter of the ACC. The energy supplied by the fan is represented as a momentum source incorporated within each fan vol- ume.


Calculate the total test uncertainty. The level of the condensate in the condensate tankshall be continuously measured during the test periodin order to determine change of condensate mass. If isolationis not possible, then adjustment of the measured temper-ature utilizing energy balance with either measurementor estimate of the flow and temperature shall berequired. Ideally, makeup water and ancillary flows into the condensate tank should be isolated.

Achievement of the required accuracy for each mea- sured parameter is the single most important criterion in selection of an appropriate method of measurement. The ACC performance curves shall be based on constant fan pitch and motor speed constant volumetric air flow rate. Cite the applicable paragraph number s and the topic of the inquiry. All technical inquiries must be submitted in writing to the staff secretary.

Also called condensate forwarding pump. Typical adjust- ments prior to tests are those required to correct malfunc- tioning controls or instrumentation or to optimize plant performance for current operating conditions.

The purpose of the performance test is to show that the ACC will meet the performance required at the con- trolling guarantee case. If required, the basket tips shall be sufficiently braced in several directions. The exact locations, however, shall be determinedby mutual agreement, as may be required by equipmentarrangement.

Asme ptc 6 pdf – ptc 6 pdf Asme ptc 6 pdf Asme ptc 6 pdf For instance, a condensate flow measurement with an orifice would include the following elements: Campbell, Southern Company Services M.

The instrument uncertainty calculated in Step 3 can be used as a guideline for defining the perturbation increment. Exhaust Flow should correspond with each case. The basic procedure for computation of performance capability is as follows: Sommerlad, Member Emeritus, Consultant W.


ASME PTC 空气冷却蒸汽冷凝剂 – MBA智库文档

Additional test points not required by this Codemay be included for reference purposes by mutualagreement between the parties to the test. These instrumentsshall be hung 1 m below the top of the air inlet opening. The overall flow behavior is affected by the partic- ular geometry considered, hence, for example, the influ- ence of pyc baffles that are use to offset the effects of phc are not considered.

This derivation proceeds along similar lines to the correction for atmospheric pressure in para.

ASME PTC 30.1-2007.pdf

Cuchens, Southern Company Services, Inc. This Code shall not be construed as preventing the useof advanced technologies or methods of measurementnot described herein, provided that the uncertaintyrequirements of subsection are achieved. Pressure measurements shall be made with instru-ments having an accuracy of at least 0.

At the request and cost of the requesting party, a post- test calibration may be performed. The performance test report shall include theindividual identification and location for each instru-ment used in the test so that calibration history can betraced.

The following section describes a set of performance curves and illustrates how they are to be interpreted. The instrumental uncertainty of each of the test parameters is summarized in Table C Sommerlad, Member Emeritus, ConsultantW.

It should be noted pptc the purpose of a post-test uncertainty analysis is to determine the uncertaintyof the final test results. The par-ties to the test shall agree to the sampling rates andcompression settings such that the collected data meetthe requirements of the Code.