Aug. Tief atmet man durch, wenn man dieses Buch ausgelesen hat, und man hat schon zuvor etliche Male tief Luft holen müssen. “Atemschaukel” ist. PDF | My paper elaborates Herta Müller’s Gulag novel, Atemschaukel (; published in English under the title of The Hunger Angel in ). Herta Müllers Atemschaukel ist ein Ereignis. In einem überwältigenden, poetischen Roman erzählt sie vom Schicksal eines jungen Mannes aus Siebenbürgen.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Drei Stunden mussten hfrta, das hielt man fast nicht aus. Dann waren sie da. Ich habe mir diesen Satz nicht absichtlich gemerkt. Ich habe ihn unachtsam mit ins Lager genommen. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass er mich begleitet. Weil ich wiedergekommen bin, darf ich das sagen: Hardcoverpages.

Published August 17th by Hanser Verlag first published SibiuRomania HorlivkaUkraine. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Atemschaukelplease sign up.

There’s no such word in Russian, doesn’t even sound like one. See 2 questions about Atemschaukel…. Lists with This Book. Aug 07, Isabelle rated it liked it Shelves: Basically Atemschaukel has two major problems: I am simply aremschaukel interested in reading about detainees eating ants and dog shit in order to survive just for the sake of the description, neither do I like the people-have-to know-about-these-things vibe the book ultimately gives off.

In this sense, Atemschaukel ‘breath-swing’, by the way is limited by its materials. However, it soon got just a little bit too idiosyncratic, and the second half felt somewhat inferior in that it seems deliberately quirky and whimsical and, in the long run, annoying.

A very lyrical novel, every chapter is almost like a poem. Is is a hard and unsettling lecture, she is not making it easy for the reader.

The Hunger Angel – Wikipedia

This is a novel who was very appreciated by critics and probably by the whole literary world. For me, it started well, I was eager to find out more about the main character. It turned out to be a dull story A very lyrical novel, every chapter is almost like a poem. It turned out to be a dull story, filled with lyrical and allegorical stuff intertwined with hard core reality. It is a proffesionally written novel, you cannot say anything wrong about it literally, it is so written that it should enter your heart, still it didnt enter mine.

Sometimes suggesting things and atdmschaukel the reader imagine the cruelty of the world has more impact than presenting the cruelty and dissecting it to its core. Still a very literary correctly written novel, I was glad to learn so much about the german community of Romania after the WWII. Knowing what happened is of paramount importance.

Even if I give 3 stars only, I still recommend this book gladly. Un indicador de lo anterior puede ser el Premio Nobel de Literatura: La vida no attemschaukel mueve, se asemeja a agua sucia y estancada. Este tema fue desarrollado ampliamente en sus anteriores trabajos, censurados durante mucho tiempo, y por los cuales le fue otorgado el Premio Nobel. I seldom finish books that I don’t like.

And talking about lack, I need atemsfhaukel say that I strongly dislike also the lack of a real feeling both in the author and the characters, who are as bidimensional as it getsthe lack of a pulse and in a way – of a purpose. I think you have to be either Varlam Shalamov or Primo Levi in order to tell this kind of stories I mean, you have to KNOW them firsthand, and possess the talent to tell them in a merciless, yet readable, humane, lovable way, without easy tricks of words and other forms of disrespecteither someone like Svetlana Alexievich who knows how to ask a question, then step aside and let the answer shine and bleed, and resonate – with no clumsy interventions.


I am not sure how much of a “document” this book is. And I am not sure what do we need it hertq if not as a document. I was all too aware that there’s an unspoken law that you should never start to cry if you have too many reasons to do so. While this work certainly has its place on the international stage for necessary historical fiction, when juxtaposed atmschaukel a sustained conside I was all too aware that there’s an unspoken law that you should never start to cry if you have too many reasons to do so.

While this work certainly has its place on the international stage for necessary historical fiction, when juxtaposed alongside a sustained consideration of another breed of labor camp’s effects on labor camps to come, it pales in comparison.

The Hunger Angel by Herta Müller – review | Books | The Guardian

As such, my rating should be taken with a grain of salt, as I was in no mood to deal with abbreviated and borderline sing song tales of woe played in the key of deportation, starvation, and queerphobia, which in the wrong light comes off as continuations of the German folktales of old.

When the conversation around classics, whether old, new, or predicted contents itself with spouting the same old same old that played out before the age of the Internet, it is easy to forget, as in the words of the invaluable Warren,atesmchaukel to not have a presence at the table ultimately results in a place on the menu.

History will always be stranger than what fiction can make of it. People who aren’t Hindu and no, there is no religiously validated conversion process love to mangle the concept of karma, but one needn’t go that far to render the golden rule short-sidedly practical in doing unto others what atekschaukel have done unto you. This, specifically with regards to the labor camps Soviet Russia filled M,ler with near the end of WWII, was the historical relevance that I was chasing down, and part of my lackluster rating has to do with the little patience I had for much of the fictional fluff tackled onto the nonfictional bones.

There were a few striking moments, but it all boiled down to aesthetic pathos rather than the plans of self-reflexivity and out of body disturbances I prefer when it comes to tackling of long ago. Tis a shame, but there you have it. The recent obtuseness that is the state of translation of Mller Kang ‘s work sprinkles some suspicion on this evaluation, but, sad as it is, German, even Romanian influenced German, has been ferried across to more Anglo shores for a far longer period than Korean.

There’s also the racialized element to consider, which in tandem with the shorter history of translation means taking more liberties with the text is more morally assuaged on an individual level which translates to the group which translates to the institution with translates to the mainstream, etc, etc. Beyond all my compmunctions about social landscapes and contemporary times attempting to render history an apolitical void Pence’s genocidal characterization of the most recent Holocasut Day puts the punch in this statementthis is a well crafted book.


It covers, however, despite obvious differences in the enforcer and the enforced, familiar territory, and risks straying into the kitch if too much fiction is applied to fact.

I’ll leave worrying about that to those who actually understand German, though. I have bigger, more Anglo fish to fry. Boredom is fear’s patience.

The Hunger Angel by Herta Müller – review

View all 3 comments. Poetic description of dislocation from Nobel Prize winner; as a atemschwukel of ethnic Germans in Romania, I found it interesting, if not particularly gripping. But it is from the experiences of her mother, like thousands of other ethnic Germans between the ages of 17 and 45, who was deported to a forced-labour camp for five years in the Soviet Union after WWII, that this novel was prompted. The reader often forgets the fact that this is a novel.

Grim is an apt description. Survival dominates the daily life of the prisoners. When the deported German prisoners finally returned home, the political climate meant that their story had to be kept under wraps, if told at all.

How would their families relate to the hardships and physical ordeals? People at atemschaukl calls just went missing, assumed dead. As the afterword to The Hunger Angel aptly describes it: He died, before the novel was written and published. The translation is seamless to this reader — all credit to the skills of the translator. Leo’s encounters strangers, men, in local parks and in the Neptune Baths that would cause his incarceration in prison or a penal colony if caught.

Events overtook the dangers for Leo. He adapts a gramophone case as his suitcase, and fills it with Faust, books of poetry, aftershave, socks, a burgundy silk scarf, gaiters from a neighbour etc. Atejschaukel object plays a part in the unfolding story.

Ich weiss, du kommst wieder — “I know you’ll come back. On his return Leo is never really free — he feels outcast, no longer belonging, and he finds this difficult to deal with. Echoes here of soldiers returning from WWI. How does one convey the brutality, rage and sense of loss? No TV, no Internet, no daily reports. The detail is extraordinary, making this book at times a tough and slow read. There were times that I had to put the book down and escape into something lighter. In terms of a bottle of red wine, this is full bodied!

Her characterisation permeated my mind. Was this a case of placing her out of sight? Kati cannot labour, or understand “what a quota is, or a command, or a punishment”. Yes, it makes for torrid reading.


But, it reminds one of our inhumanity towards one another. Will we ever dispel this trait from the human condition? Going by the daily news reports, sadly unlikely. As I described above, not an enjoyable read, but, in many ways a necessary one.

A reminder, as if we need one. Dec 10, Shirin rated it liked it Shelves: Ambos estiveram em Paraty este ano. Fiquei doente de cimente. Isto posto, o livro tem um grande e relevante defeito.