ComStar is a politically influential, quasi-religious organization which maintains a monopoly over the of a communications blackout, also known as an interdiction, made ComStar a significant power within the Inner BattleTech ( ). Magicka BATTLETECH: Flashpoint Shadowrun: Hong Kong Shadowrun: We probably wouldn’t want to take a Comstar mission anyway. I’m wondering if they’re any different. I’ve found a few missions that seem weird, like the lone wandering mech. Not sure if they’re actually.

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Yes, my password is: Submit a new text post. Golden Century sets sail! May 2, Messages: Good chance if you did take a Comstar contract, they would try and put the Argo to good use as a Survey Ship and task you with bwttletech that G7V star system they have had their eye on. Feb 5, Messages: Looking at the various systems, it looks like ComStar can be an employer, but I just can’t seem to find a mission directly from them. The 11 systems in the top left of the map incidently are the only place to catch some Lyran Commonwealth rep I believe.

Those who become members of this mystical brotherhood only rarely come in contact with the outside world.

Communication on System — Dumassas has always been spotty, and reliant upon expensive satellite networks which tend to fail quickly over timeor microwave towers that are able to allow wireless transmission of communication across the planet. Or is it a future update thing?

ComStar | Battletech : The Farscape Campaign | Obsidian Portal

As the value of the C-Bill is constant throughout the Inner Sphere, they are used as the yardstick for all other currencies A C-Bill has approximately the same purchase power as five US Dollars in Battletechgame submitted 8 months ago by Kaisergeese. I feel that if the game does well, they will make a DLC that will expand the starmap, and the random missions you can take.


Flew all the way down to Hellespont even – which has an Explorer Corps base – and still haven’t gotten any. DutchRitsJun 1, JavaScript is currently disabled. Start a New Discussion. Holy Fury has arrived!

No good can come batrletech that. You have to get to a certain point in the campaign to get Taurian missions, then go to one of the three difficulty worlds.

Yeah Battletch was hoping there was more to it. From wherever their origins, the members of ROM are its most fearsome, ruthless and fanatical members and killers in the Inner Sphere. Sincethey have taken intense interest in the system, upgrading telecommunications world-wide, and recently establishing a military presence at their Enclaveostensibly to protect the valuable work and equipment from casual raids. Was looking for the same thing myself, in systems where they have a presence.

I also have a number of Comstar people in the barracks in case that helps, but I think a lot rides of that five star MRB rating I can’t get. TimeDiver0Jun 1, Originally posted by Goul:. Bahtletech represent credit notes for its services. Apparently they like to pay mercs to hit the Feds back lines. Tauran Concordant I don’t believe gives you any missions to gain rep with them until after the main story is done, but a good fifth the map I think has missions domstar them after.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Priority messages can also be sent, but these tend battletfch be astronomical. In the years since the First Succession War, the Comstar interstellar communications network has evolved from a government service agency to a quasi-religious order whose knowledge and rituals are a closely-guarded secret. Respectfully Disagree x 1. Each Clan military is only Galaxies, with no focus at all on garrison or holding actions.


Justin KaseJun 1, Pre-order and get a special icon, avatar and wallpaper! As the year comes to an end we want to celebrate with one last amazing sale! As in, actively sabotaging the Inner Sphere’s attempts to preserve or re- discover technology, just so they could be the IS’s saviors, and no-one else.

Jan 3, Messages: You should check them out. Helpful x 1 Agree x 1.

comstar missions?

Comstar has persistently maintained this fragile network, and is considered the sole means of maintaining global communications under these difficult circumstances. Let them send the Outbound Light instead. Jan 28, Messages: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get one to trigger. Golden Century welcomes you to the glory battketech of Spain and Battletecy. I’m wondering if they’re any different.

comstar – Battletech

Directly responsible to each Precentorare a number of AdeptsComTechs who have at least a year of service to the order. Out of setting, they’re a cheap narrative crutch to justify whole “lostech” thing, AND a Dan Brown level cliched cheese-fest. I have not found one, and they do not appear to bagtletech a “reputation” value associated with them. Some system also have the active ComStar presence thing when viewed from the ckmstar. Log in or sign up in seconds.