Raymond Brassier is a member of the philosophy faculty at the American University of Beirut, Alain Badiou, Theoretical Writings, transl. by Ray Brassier & Alberto Toscano (New York: Continuum, ). Jean-Luc Nancy, “Philosophy without. I started to write a review of this but it very quickly reached one and a half pages. But this is really great writing I can totally recommend it. Brassier absolutely. Buy Alien theory: the decline of materialism in the name of matter by Ray Brassier (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Against such reactionary philosophical protectionism, it is the business of a thoroughgoing naturalism to emphasize— rather than minimize —the corrosive power of scientific reductionism vis a vis both the tenets of phenomenological orthodoxy and the established parameters of socio-cultural consensus. Grant, Harman, and Meillassoux have each coined terms to describe their respective projects. Hickman does Chasm … on Philo-Fiction, Chasm, and the…. As for Ray Brassier, it was he who coined the term Speculative Realism at the Goldsmiths conference which had taken place in London zlien It might be hard to find many shared positions in the writings of Badiou, DeLanda, Laruelle, Latour, Stengers, and Zizek, but what is missing from their positions is an obsession with the critique of written texts.

Interview With Ray Brassier – Against an Aesthetics of Noise (nY#2)

So when the natural brassker tell us man is ontologically derivative rather than transcendentally constitutive, they are not making a trivial statement but false. As we were saying earlier on, the news had come suddenly, as it generally does.

Continental philosophy has entered a new period of ferment. Lawgiverz, but for the time being let us be content with brassieg saying that we who are not one have decided to leave these to the later parts of our narrative. Amusingly, Habermas also does a great deal with science in the way that you call for — not treating it as a cultural text, etc.

This strikes me as a mistake.

This anthology assembles authors, of several generations and numerous nationalities, who will be at the center of debate in continental philosophy for decades to come.


I learned of Meillassoux and Laruelle from Ray Brassier who has translated and written on both figures and was kind enough once a few years ago to let me […].

What is the status of art for Ray Brassier? Here we can begin the actual argumentation, which Brassier begins by clarifying the choice for materialism. PhD thesis, University of Warwick. In his book Nihil Unbound: After learning that the world has no intrinsic unity, origin, or purpose, it is only the artist as overman who can reinvest the world with value, and redeem our meaningless suffering. Meaning is something felt by humans, but to exteriorize it would be to place an anthropomorphic dimension on an otherwise oblivious objective reality.

To continue to persist on the course initiated by the latter is to plunge headlong into intellectual disaster and the ruin of philosophy as a credible theoretical enterprise. The materialist decision to identify the real with matter is seen to retain a structural isomorphy with brasssier phenomenological decision to identify the real with the phenomenon. Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy and Pli: Brassier can thus summarize his rejection of this seduction: I, for one, would like to be the first to welcome our new insect overlords.

This question was pointless as it was brzssier that it would all end in 4. What is required is analogical brasier, rather than a logical sequence of thoughts, to be a speculative realist who acts out nihilistic speculations. Bram — What, if anything, could be the role of an aesthetics of noise in your work on neurosciences and capitalism?

Transcribed from the Backdoor Broadcasting Company recording. That is, his argument unfolds at the level of philosophemes. Whence does the mysterious faculty of intuition that is supposed to provide us with an immediately pre-theoretical access to the phenomenological essence of these rigorously imperceptible entities originate? Nor does he give an account of how things came to be viewed in this way.

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So there are two alternatives at this point: A good bricoleur draws on whatever happens to be at hand. The idealism corresponding to the equation of phenomenon and the real is termed phenomenologicalwhile the one corresponding to the isomorphic equation of matter and the real is termed materiological. This strikes me as a mistake.


Belief in this pseuo-originary, pre-theoretical dimension of experiential immediacy is the phenomenological superstition par excellence. Transcendental nihilismphilosophy as the “organon of extinction” [1].

Interview With Ray Brassier – Against an Aesthetics of Noise (nY#2) | Senselogic

The long deconstructionist era was followed with a period dominated by Deleuze, which has in turn evolved into a new situation still difficult to define. I side with those in the second tjeory who insist that we can tjeory an objective perspective on our own subjectivity.

Email required Address never made public. Skip to content Skip to navigation. The existence of Nature cannot be the condition for the existence of consciousness brawsier Nature itself turns out to be a correlate of consciousness: What is the relation between noise and capitalism? All be brought to court to reveal their complicity in the perpetration of Decision and thus of a philosophical wedding to indiscernibility to idealism or, as Brassier will later develop in continuity with Meillassouxto correlationism.

Lawgiverz, nothing to be done, Beckett was right after all, disaster after disaster, from bad to worse, when will it all end? If you want to understand if a politics of accelerationism is possible or feasible, you need to brasiser the internal conceptual intelligibility of the accelerationist program… Read More.

That these criteria cannot be ontological follows from the thesis of ontological univocity entailed by the emerging paradigm of scientific unification; thus allowing no room for anything like a transcendental separation between scientific fact and social condition, or any other such permutation. But it is not more reductive than the claim that water is nothing but H20; that temperature is nothing but mean molecular kinetic energy; or that the colour red is nothing but electromagnetic radiation with a determinate spiking frequency.

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