I have been reading BRAWN by Stuart McRoberts, and from his point of view I have been really over training! I would love to hear the opinions. Perhaps the most effective training routines for the the vast majority of the population, come from Stuart McRobert in his book, “Brawn”. Stuart McRobert could literally change your life, at least the part of it I devoured his first book, BRAWN, the very evening it arrived in my.

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Anyone know what the difference is between the three editions of his ‘Beyond Brawn’ book? The steroids make it possible for them to do marathon workouts, recover quickly, and build muscles larger than a man not using steroids. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The key difference between McRobert’s books and modern “How to make easy gains for hardgainers Book” stuff is that McRobert does not try to sell you anything in his books, so you can believe he was sincere.

Thomas rated it liked it Nov 12, This book gives you a lot to go by but remember – you are damned by your genetics. No nonsense information and routines on drug-free weight training. Stuart McRobert born in England is a writer on strength trainingbest known as the founder and publisher of Hardgainer magazine. I wish I’d read the first book ‘Brawn’ 15 years ago when it came out! Originally Posted by invega.

Originally Posted by mofitness4u. New Items Strength Equipment. At best, progress stalls. I devoured his first book, BRAWN, the very evening it arrived in my mailbox all the way from Cyprus, sometime around Order Online or Call or On top of this, consume adequate nutrition, and rest abundantly. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Natural bodybuilding requires years of effort, exercise, rest, and proper diet.


Without repeating myself, and without bitterness, I just explained the first 30 pages of the book. Dtuart Miller May 03, 15 minutes, 45 seconds. Stephen Davis rated it it was amazing Mar 06, This gift for simplicity has been a double-edged sword in his career.

After warm-up sets, the lifter performs anywhere from one to a maximum of five work sets per exercise. When it comes to building large muscles, professional bodybuilders normally have superior genetics.

Stuart McRobert – Wikipedia

With that in mind, these four principles are certainly a few of the most important cornerstones of the McRobert training method: Views Read Edit View history. Originally Posted by boathead.

Your body will thank you if you can accept this truth. Mental Characteristics of Successful Powerlifters.

Watson Davis rated it really liked it Feb 26, Chuck has trained elite athletes, military special forces personnel, and average Joes and Mcfobert. McRobert is focused on strength training for the so-called ” hardgainer “; someone who is not a natural athlete i.

Stuart McRobert

Want to Read saving…. Many of these men are also taking other illegal drugs to combat some of the negative side effects of taking steroids. He puts a great deal of emphasis on making the squat a central part of one’s workout routine.

Books by Stuart McRobert. You want to build big muscles? And they are minimums, remember.


Want to increase your bench press or build bigger arms? Folks I mention him to generally fall into one of two camps. With weight training, however, the point of diminishing returns comes quickly. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. An illustration of a McRobert routine: Too much emphasis, he would say, is placed on cutting and shaping, before any real muscle is built.

I read this book back inand it has formed the foundation for 20 years of lifting. Showing the Specific advantages the genetically gifted bodybuilding superstars enjoy, Brawn demonstrates why conventional training is unproductive for “average” people who want to develop terrific physiques. I bet the kid dismissed this gem as being too simple to work, and instead went searching for dtuart complex solution.

Inside the Mind of Stuart McRobert — Training Advice You’re Not Following

James Goldstein rated it really liked it Jan 28, Bryan Hutchinson rated it really liked it Mar 12, I like his principles of cycle training, lowering the volume to training each body part once or twice a week, but continually modifying to find your own ‘best’ volume and frequency. PowerliftingProgram Design. Squats are a great muscle building exercise. Suggested to me by Skyler Tanner con.

So, yes, McRobert is indeed serious, and so am I.