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BS EN ISO Non-destructive testing — Penetrant testing Part 2: Testing of penetrant materials. BS EN ISO Amendments issued since publication. Amd. No. Date Comments National foreword. This British Standard is the official English. Buy BS EN ISO Non-Destructive Testing – Penetrant Testing – Part 2 : Testing Of Penetrant Materials from SAI Global.

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It is the responsibility of a level 3person according to EN to decide which tests are applicable to a particular process line. General principlesEN Part 2: After this timethe mass of the residue shall be measured. In the case of products conditioned in a spray can, purge the latter for 5 s before fn and, at sb moment ofweighing, spray the content of the can into a ml beaker, then pour immediately the product into the platinumboat.

Any deviations found shall be reported to the responsible person and appropriate corrective actionmust be taken.

BS EN ISO 无损检验-渗透检验 第2部分:渗透材料试验 – MBA智库文档

All relevant European, national and local regulations pertaining to healthand safety, environmental requirements, etc. The information we learn from customers helps us personalise and continually improve the service we provide through our website and other channels. A solvent-based non-aqueous wet developer is the right means. After this time themass of the residue shall be measured and recorded as a percentage of the initial mass.


The chart recorder is connected directly to the photo-multiplier tube. For more information please read our privacy policy. We work to protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer SSL software, which encrypts information you input.


Penetrant Testing (РТ)

Illumination levelson the test panel should not be altered during the test. Click here to unsubscribe Go. For datedreferences subsequent amendments to, or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard onlywhen incorporated in it by amendment or revisions. Corrosive properties except formType and batch7.

Close the lightproof cover and measure intensity of the emitted light when thespecimen is illuminated in the fluorimeter. As an alternative, the method described in 7.

Between the lens and the photomultiplier are a blanking plate and an opticalfilter. The following procedure shall be used: PropertyTestTest methodaccording to clauseAppearanceBatch7. In such cases standard peakheight and sample peak heights shall be compared taking the different chart recorder sensitivities into consideration. Both have similar average brightness of indications and, so would be labelled as equivalentsensitivity by some test methods.

All parts of the test shall be carried out at ambient temperature.


The coating shall arrive wet on the surface;d leave for 10 to 15 minutes;e repeat stages a to dlet developer remain for 30 minutes;f check for penetrant traces under adequate illumination. The fluorescent brightness ofeach specimen is determined as per the method in A.

Sand, gravity die and low pressure die castings. Allnecessary precautions shall be observed. Thesenormative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter.

BS EN ISO 3452-2:2013

The source of UV-A radiation is positioned inclose proximity to the test panels. Part Two Training Courses: For undated reference the 352-2 edition of the publication referredto applies. For this reason, by this method, penetrant 2 would be designated a lower sensitivity thanpenetrant 1. A separate form shall be used for eachpenetrant plant. Atleast five solutions shall be used. If it is necessary to change sensitivity ranges on a chart recorder between setting up with the standard sample andrunning the test panel, zero and full scale deflection settings shall remain unaltered.