Bughouse chess is a popular chess variant played on two chessboards by four players in .. (), Bughouse Chess, Books on Demand GmbH, ISBN , archived from the original on , retrieved Bughouse Chess Monday, 21 August On the following pages we present to you extracts from the Bughouse Book. Some of them are rather ex. (12)Bughouse chess diagrams in Rich Text format, using This allows to make paper bughouse chess books. (13)Diagrams automatization.

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Bughouse and Tandem Chess

They don’t really need to put any “BugHouse Mentor” or anything like that because I don’t think BugHouse is a game of strategy. It is an essential part of bughouse gameplay. Bughouse chess is usually played with chess clocks to prevent players from waiting indefinitely for a piece.

Introduction Setup Pieces Rules See also: Clocks should be positioned so that all four bjghouse can see them book. These values are a consequence of the difference in mobility of the pieces.

Dec 1, In fact, I absolutely recommend no bughouse during a tournament. Because new pieces come in, there is no endgame play in bughouse and material is therefore less important.

We will begin with the more popular Bughouse Chess and then discuss the rule changes that distinguish the older Tandem Chess variant. Join the official club! Kings can be captured and dropped it’s still not allowed to castle trough check. In play over the board, a promoted pawn can be put on its side to indicate promotion. Pawns can be dropped onto the seventh rank, one step away from promotion, which again adds to their importance.


Looks like, it’s inventor is unknown. One may not inform one’s partner that his opponent’s time is up flag has fallen. Nov 12, 8.

The outcome of the match is then decided by adding the score of the two boards. Chess Displacement chess Transcendental Chess.

In chess, a minor material advantage is important as when material gets exchanged, the relative advantage becomes larger. In each turn, player must move one piece on both boards in any orderpossible to make byghouse or two drops.

Bughouse and Tandem Chess

What to do then? Once received they become reserve pieces which can be dropped onto an empty square on the board chese be used as ones own. I will also be posting in another BugHouse forum: And most unusual variant: A scoring system to evaluate material is to chezs up the piece values of the material on the board. The game is played as follows: They can for instance be dropped to block non-contact checks. This makes communication a more powerful weapon.

Please don’t keep on quoting other posts without leaving any comments because this forum needs material and posts that aren’t spamming because I don’t want this forum to get locked. I have created the blog including the BugHouse Chess suggestion and and I will post buhhouse forum’s link in my blog. No other “checking piece” would even have the ability to reach the king on f7 without being captured.

Partners are normally allowed to talk to each other during the game. Equally a player can request a piece e. Captives in hand may still boo droppedbut there is no way to acquire new captives. Review if anything can be improved upon, or discuss mistakes the opponents made that you might exploit next time.


This rule discourages the practice of perpetually bughousse one’s move in the hope that one’s partner will capture a much needed piece.

Bughouse chess

Tandem Chess rules Rules are the same as for Bughouse Chess, except for the following ammendments: Board games introduced in the s Chess variants. Archived copy as title All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from September Good articles.

Has anyone heard of the game BugHouse? At the start of the game, the players with the black pieces start the clocks simultaneously. They can for instance ask for a specific piece, for more trades, ask to hold a piece, suggest moves or ask their partner to stall. A captured Pawn may not be placed on the 1st or the 8th rank. From a player’s perspective, attacking the king has important advantages as opposed to defending or attempting to win material: Here is what I cbess to say: Apart from boook active communication, a good bughouse player tries to coordinate silently by keeping an eye on the other board and adapting moves accordingly.

This variation is suitable for play by mail.

Bughouse truly is the “team sport” and social game that chess, to be buhouse, is just not Bughouse is a chess variant played on two chessboards by four players in teams of two.

Develop that perfect piece! AlisonHart 10 min ago.