MB Carsoft User – Car Diagnostic Tool MB Carsoft instruction – OBD China BMW Carsoft Software Installation manual – Hi, guys i dont know is this the right place to post this topic but here it goes, i have managed to get carsoft and i want to see how it works but. peugeot user manual at – Download free pdf files Ebay cpt.

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Hope you can understand.

Boater is indeed across the pond. Feb 8, Location: It deos not need to be activated.

MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer

Is it copy to HD then run the patches or what? I’m still interested to get a diagnosis software for my T1N! Can get more if anyone wants.

I printed the report to PDF, copied to a thumb drive, unhooked everything and took that report into the house to research the cryptic, unresearchable body fault codes I did have, just to get to know my new tools a little better.

Lots of customer may have confused about mb carsoft 7. I installed the Carsoft 7. Much better results than with the desktop I was using.

It’s just very disappointing that live data doesn’t work, and the sprinter ABS activation doesn’t work TC activation may do although I hear nothing from the pump it does get to ‘completed’ status. Option 3 a unit claiming to be a multiplexer “all K lines wires” without software cd, and option 4 the same as option 3 but with a software CD.


The nerve of Carsoft sending me spam, I told them I would bump all my Carsoft posts for sending it. According to Google, there’s a Dumbarton in Scotland. If it still shows up can’t connect to the modules you required then it something wrong.

car soft problems | Mercedes-Benz Owners’ Forums

If that works then casoft least you may have an option to help get it working. Of the 10 digital tests, only 3 or 4 are available, it correct. I think the software is available on the internet for download Benzworld.

I notice the carsoft multiplexer uses an rs cable, if my laptop only has a USB port, may I use adapter or cable to transform? I’ve done my bit to get the software to work.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. My zaga with carsoft ultimate v12 finally ended. Can mb carsoft 7. I have nothing to test it with Flag down a passing Varsoft and offer to read their codes Moderated by a certified MB Tech.

No, create an account now. It might be worth borrowing a computer that has a RS port, or trying a desktop that has one. I included a picture of the port. A good bargain if you can get thru the communication problem with the Chinese mostly in Shenshen.


Quote message in reply? As has been discussed multiple times, the mini CD that comes with it in infected with viruses and there is no source for a users manual anywhere on the Internet.

Carsoft [Archive] – Sprinter-Forum

I’m confused because there is farsoft communication i. I first tried with a compaq desktop that had 1GB RAM and a serial port and I could only access the Instrument Cluster module and very limited live data. Which year of car it is mainly available on? Add Thread to del. Before I send this unit back to the seller I bought it off of Amazon from a U.

Low and behold, I discovered that the first test I ran would be the only test I will run again because now the multiplexer fails to communicate with my car. Many people don’t discard old computers.