Systems actually supported. Aritech. Advisor Alarm Panel (CD, CD72, CD34), Master Alarm Panel. (Ats). FP Series Fire Detection Panel (FP Aritech CD Installation manual for control panel Page 3This manual contains installation details for the CD72, CD95 and CD TOPKAPI SCADA software for the control of ARITECH intrusion units CD

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Please contact your alarm installer if you require.

ADVISOR CD 7203 CD95/15003

Depending on how the system has been programmed, you may not need to do all the steps shown in the instructions. Steps 3 and 4 may be automated by the system. Avoid loops of wire inside the control panel and route cables so they do not lay on top or underneaththe printed circuit board. A list of triggered zones will be displayed.

Micron product arirech manufactured to exacting quality standards. There are five different labels to identify the status of an area. Examples of these symbols are shown below: You must now exit the protected area by the designated exit route. Cd15 system has been programmed with one or two entrance times and one exit time. This log will be cleared each time the system is armed 9.

All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may agitech reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any More information. The area is partially armed partguard.

When the connection has been established OK appears in the display. Please read these instructions carefully. Far better panel than the Premier range, if your going to change the panel then Galaxy G3,48C or ATSas these are the only panel in the same league. Vision is an advanced microprocessor based alarm system which provides fire and burglar. These are preset amounts of zritech that let c150 enter and leave the premises through specific routes without activating an alarm.


If the system cannot be armed because there are area s in the premises which are not properly secured, the message Open Zone s will appear and a list of the zone s not closed.

You must then check that the doors, windows, etc. Connecting a relay or an LED on the output Some terms widely used within More information.

If there still is a zone open, it will be listed, and you must again press and the zone number to inhibit it. AU Australia More information. WARNING This manual contains information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the limitations as to liability of the manufacturer. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means – electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise – without the prior written permission of SLC BV.

Press the Accept key to disarm the selected area area 1 in this example. All detectors are working. Use the 0 key to cancel an incorrect entry and to restart a new entry code. CD95 got builtin security lighting control, fully programmable mimicable outputs and more functions than most panels have today.

Leave Now Area 1 Armed Both areas are now armed.

Old, (VERY VERY old) Aritech panel | Electronics Forums

Steps 4 and 5 cd510 be automated by the system. Area 2 Armed Enter Area No. Configuration of Aritech hardware Monitoring and management of All rights including translation reserved. Normal Set Normal Set Area 2 is arming. If you want to disarm or modify another area, enter its number. UL Listed and Classified More information.


Instruction The alarm system is based on GSM network. There is a more detailed manual available for managers which explains how to carry out a wider range of operations.

This will silence the beeping and let you know where the trouble is. Published on Dec View Download 2. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The area is being armed the exit time is still operating. Use the 0 key to cancel an incorrect entry and to restart a new entry of the code.

Aritech CD7212 Install

During arming you can exclude zones. A summary of the status of the areas appears. Unsetting the System Go directly to the keypad and en. The system may be programmed to communicate with a central monitoring station to report system events. Servicing Organisation Installer name: Follow the instructions in the proceeding More information.

A system that has more than one security area it is called a split system. The greatest care should therefore be taken when installing this cable. Press the 0 key to quit and check the doors, windows, etc.