Roberto Bellarmino was born in Montepulciano in , and at the age of 18 entered and became a professor of theological controversies at the Roman College. In Pope Pius XI () beatified Roberto Bellarmino as a saint. Roberto Bellarmino was born into a noble family in Montepulciano in Tuscany. Hujus Temporis Haereticos (Disputations about the Controversies of the Christian biography of Bellarmine is James Broderick, Robert Bellarmine, Saint and. St. Robert Bellarmine, Italian in full San Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino, the Controversies of the Christian Faith Against the Heretics of This Time”).

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Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. It was later revised and enlarged by SirmondLabbeusand Casimir Oudin. Controvefsias Evolution Separation of church and state Relations Politics. The Aristotelian cosmology was crumbling in the face of the new astronomical evidence, notably that of the phases of Venus and the sunspots. When Galileo later complained of rumours to the effect that he had been forced to abjure and do penance, Bellarmine wrote out a certificate denying the rumors, stating that Galileo had merely been notified of the decree and informed that, as a consequence of it, the Copernican doctrine could not be “defended or held”.

Inon the orders of Paul V, Bellarmine summoned Galileo szn, notified him cojtroversias a forthcoming decree of the Congregation of the Index condemning the Copernican doctrine of the mobility of the Earth and the immobility of the Sun, and ordered him to abandon it. It is only in the last few years that work has begun on a modern text of the Vulgate. Articles incorporating a citation from the Catholic Controvesrias with Wikisource reference CS1 maint: He had written against pluralism and non-residence of bishops within their dioceses.

Its greatest leaders undoubtedly were Martin Luther and Belladmino Calvin. This was the Pope’s indirect power, which Bellarmine defended all his adult life. People who are active in controversies become controversial themselves.

St. Robert Bellarmine | Italian cardinal |

He was now appointed, along with the Dominican Cardinal d’Ascoli, an assessor to Cardinal Madruzzi, the President of the Congregation de Auxiliiswhich had been bellramino shortly before to settle the controversy which had recently arisen between the Thomists and the Molinists concerning the nature of the concord between efficacious grace and human liberty. Completing his studies in Louvain, Bellarmine was ordained a priest in The inquiry de Controverxiaswhich after all Clement had not seen his way to decide, was now terminated with a controvetsias on the lines of Bellarmine’s original suggestion.


But his testimony, as there is no evidence to the contrary, should be accepted as decisive, seeing how conscientious a man he was in the estimation of his contemporaries; and the more so since it cannot be impugned without casting a slur on the character of his fellow-commissioners who accepted his suggestion, and of Clement VIII who with full knowledge of the facts gave his aan to Bellarmine’s preface being prefixed to the new edition.

It was during this time that he wrote his classic work, ” Disputations on the Controversies of the Christian Faith”, in four large volumes.

He would scruple to accept gifts. Saint Robert Bellarmine, S.

San Roberto Bellarmino, Rome

Bellarmine lived to see one more conclavethat which elected Gregory XV February, He wrote a Hebrew grammar text to help his students, which became very popular. His remains, in a cardinal’s red robes, are displayed behind glass under a side altar in the Church of Saint Ignatiusthe chapel of the Roman College, next to the body of his student, St.

This is the sort of unshakable trust in the ultimacy of observation that had made Aristotle who had once seemed so dangerous controversiws intellectual threat to Christian beliefs a congenial cosmologist for those who regarded the Hebrew turn of phrase about sun or stars as somehow carrying a special authority. One of his hymns, on Mary Magdaleneis included in the Roman Breviary.

The Galileo Project | Christianity | Robert Cardinal Bellarmine

Robert Bellarmine Between Inquisition and Index. He would not leave again. At the end ofSixtus V named Bellarmine as theological advisor to Cardinal Enrico Gaetani, the pope’s legate examining the conflict in the French church between those who supported the Huguenot robreto, Henry IVand those who opposed his reign.


It is not enough to believe. He is the patron saint of catechists. During his period at Louvain he wrote a Hebrew grammar and a work on the Church Fathers. Exegetical and other works. This would be the first of several church-state disputes with which he would become involved.

Drawn into the religious controversies of the day, Bellarmine devoted his time to the study of Scripture, church history, and patristics. Luther had invented the Catechism style to propagate Protestant theology. Bellarmine served as rector of the Collegio Romano inas provincial of the Neapolitan province of the Jesuits inand papal theologian in In his article on Bellarmine in the Complete Dictionary of Scientific BiographyErnan McMullin cites Pierre Duhem and Karl Popper as prominent adherents to an “often repeated” view that “in one respect, contoversias least, Bellarmine had shown himself a better scientist than Galileo”, insofar as he supposedly denied that a “strict proof” of the Earth’s motion could be possible.

His father was Vincent Bellarmino, a member of a noble family, but one that had fallen on hard times. In he was recalled to Italyand entrusted with the chair of Controversies recently founded at the Roman College.

This revision had been desired by the Council of Trentand subsequent popes had laboured over the task and had almost brought it to completion.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy controvegsias text for your bibliography. Another characteristic of his spirituality was an all embracing charity. Inhe joined the Jesuit order and began his studies at the Collegio Romanothe Jesuit college in Rome. One of his subjects was the power of the papacy, especially in relation to the civil power of kings.

This was because he had discovered that it assigned to the Holy See not a direct but only an indirect power over temporals. Encyclopedia of the Robedto Modern World.