CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Regulation Lecture Notes Anna University CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Lecture notes PP Notes 5TH. Anna University Fifth semester Third Year lecture Notes for Programming Paradigms CS PP free pdf! The Third Year,Fifth semester Anna. 5th semester Notes. GKM College Notes: 1. Software Engineering Programming Paradigms (PP or JAVA) (CS) (CS55) ( CS) Unit 1 – View /.

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Overview of the four main programming paradigms. The invocationhandler must then figure out how to handle the call. Now, suppose the first thread executes Steps 1 and 2, and then it is preempted. The compiler has enough information to infer the method that you want.

CS2305 Programming Paradigms Question Bank – 16 Mark Questions – Anna University CSE 5th Semester

A method is said to be overridden when one is in paradifms class and another is in child class with the same name, same return type, same parameter. You can attach the same object as a listener to several event sources: This section, marked in brackets [], is optional. The JComponent Class Tells you about the features JComponent provides to its subclasses — which include almost all Swing components — and gives tips on how to take advantage of these features.

This class allows us to focus on generics without being distracted by data storage details. Load accounts[to] into a register.

A daemon is simply a thread that has no other role in life than to serve others. This metadata includes information about the class itself, such as the package and superclass of the class, as well as the interfaces implemented by the class. For this example, we will show a panel populated with three buttons. Cd2305 access each individual value through an integer index.


A couple of important predefined strings, namely, Action.

CSE TUBE: CS / CS55 / CS – Programming Paradigms notes

Log records can be directed to different handlers, for display in the console, for storage in a file, and so on. When you call submit, you get back a Future object that you can use to query the state of the task. You can also use Level. At some point, the ancestor class becomes so general that you think of it more as a basis for other classes than as a class with specific instances you want to use. An event source is an object that can register listener objects and send them event objects.

The proxy mechanism is a better solution. If a user loses all the work he or she did during a program session because of a programming mistake or some external circumstance, that user may forever turn away from your program. Before Java SE 5.

To do anything specific with the value, you need to have some knowledge about the original type and then apply a cast: The simulation code is straightforward. Explain event handling with examples. This method transfers some amount of money from one account to another. Explain the use of Generic class and Generic methods. Suppressed logs are very cheap, so that there is only a minimal penalty for leaving the logging code in your application.


Class, Interface version version Provides version entry.

Abstract classes cannot be instantiated. An object in java essentially a block of memory, which contains space to store all the instance variables. Anyone seeing that a ontes is static will know how to call it. The next two methods let you enable or disable the action and check whether the action is currently enabled.

Some threads are so important that they should handle the exception and continue. Consider this example from http: Log records can be formatted in different ways, for example, in plain text or XML.

If there were any, it would be here. The base class is also known as parent class or super class, the new class that is formed is called derived class.

Programming Paradigms CS notes – Annauniversity lastest info

Here is an overview of how event handling in the AWT works: Working with 2D Shapes Starting with Java 1. Keep these points in mind: Here is the canonical example: You lecthre protect a shared data structure by supplying a lock, but it is usually easier to choose a thread-safe implementation instead.

Inheritance is the process of forming a new class from an existing class or base class.

Efficient Maps, Sets, and Queues The java. These variables are called as instance variables.