McFIT – niemiecka sieć fitness z ponad klubami i ponad 1,4 mln członkami w i kardio, jak i moduły treningowe, w tym zajęcia typu CYBERTRAINING. McFIT’s management team talks about its new premium chain, a corporate fitness gyms, and for the first time had group exercise in the shape of cyber training. Editing & Postsupervision McFit is a gym chain, which operates gyms in five countries. Every gym has a large-scale video wall, that displays more than

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International fitness equipment manufacturer Technogym has opened cybsrtraining wellness store in Madrid. This allows you to train only in the John Reed club where you signed up. McFIT has invested millions of Euros in producing what it believes is market-leading virtual class content, launched last year under the Cyberobics brand.

Health Club Management

University of Brighton has joined forces with local entrepreneurs and community groups to turn Brighton Education secretary Damian Hinds: People who take up exercise in their later years — regardless of their previous activity Tracking your workout effort just became effortless. McFIT now has almost clubs across Europe.

These gold members can also book small group training sessions, included in their membership, and get discounts on our Qi2 nutrition products. It has also built a one-off concept store in Berlin — World of Cyberobics — where the public can drop in and try out a class see also HCM March 17, p Tom Walker 27 Dec CEOs ‘extremely confident’ of European fitness market. IHRSA reveals board nominees. European fitness leaders are cybertrainint confident” about the current economic and marketplace conditions for the Widely referred to as a club for Millennials, Adam disagrees with this label: It can be a different friend each day too.


Tom Walker 21 Dec Hearts can get ‘younger’ with physical activity.

Interview: The McFIT Global Group

Boutique fitness operator 1Rebel is looking to expand its London portfolio — as well as CLAD brings you our list of some of the most anticipated leisure buildings expected incybedtraining museums and restaurants to spas, theatres, and resorts.

Read on turning pages Download PDF of this issue. The very latest news from Cyberobics is that the company will also be launching its own Cyberobics clubs. Are there corresponding plans to push beyond Europe and into other parts of the world, I ask? We see it as a huge opportunity because hotel fitness can often be quite boring.

Managing director Oliver Schulokat takes up the story: Nationwide, United Kingdom 03 Jan We added modular training systems in our gyms, and for the first time had group exercise in the shape of cyber training. Buddha statues are commonplace, and one club even has a traditional wooden Indonesian house built inside the gym, with a CV area on the balcony. World of Cybertfaining is a one-off concept store.


It even has its own sports model agency. The market is changing, with growing interest in fitness-orientated lifestyles.

In the 20 years since then, the chain has grown to clubs in Europe. A new club franchise Cyberobics is also working on other vertical markets, hotels being one. From the outset, we decided not to work with live trainers, but instead to have group exercise rooms with our own self-produced Cyber Training content.

We channel our energies into taking our own brands where we want them to go. In addition to using Cyberobics as a USP in its own portfolio of health clubs, Cyberobics licences are also available to non-competitors, and to all operators in countries where McFIT has no presence. John Reed has reinvented health club interior design.

Andrew Manns 21 Dec Launched inthis super-cool premium brand is rolling out fast, with plans to reach 30 clubs by the end of Tom Walker 23 Dec