For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living ( although it can be mighty useful that way, too). No, it’s their gateway to the Hunting. Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes – For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living (although it can be mighty. Hucksters and Hexes – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Dedicated To: Joyce, who is all the magic | need, Deadlands created by.

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Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes

Targets not wishing to know future or skeptical of the teller require an opposed Hexslingering vs. The hex works like the Mind Rider power for vision only. This hex works as per the Speed Power. With a Raise, a one mile radius.

Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Works as per the Stun Power. The hex works like Aim Power is described. Novice Power; Power Points: The Hexslinger must have enough paper and writing materials on hand to make the copies.

This spell can impersonate other faces, but only it the huckster has seen then person or has a photograph ready. This hex causes local plants swing to attack designated targets in a Medium Burst Temple large Burst Template for 2 extra Power Points with damage based on flora density. Hexes are full powers that when take count as a Power. I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. Private Hexez Mind Rider: With a standard success, attackers subtract 4 from hucisters ranged attack.


This hex allows the caster to alter their appearance to appear as just about anybody. The caster can see through thin objects like playing cards or clothing.

The huckster throws Can use either Hexslinging or Throwing a fan of cards that causes a bright bursts of lights based on the colors of the cards used. This hex forces the manitou to deflect bullets and other porjectile attacks at the target.

Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

It only works with animals not conjured, magical, or unnatural creatures. Reinforce a closed door, window, lid, etc. Anyone who is specifically looking for the target still finds them with an opposed Spirit roll vs. With the aid huckstwrs the manitou, the caster can summon a recently departed soul back to their body. By using dowsing rods, the huckster can locate the nearest source of water within range of the Trick.

Ace In the Hole Blast: In essence they are a combination of Speaker, Adept and Explorer. The Hex works like the Blast power except that instead of extra damage with a Raise, the victim is throw into the air and thrown as if it was a deviated projectile roll 1d12 for clock direction and 1d6″ moved.


This trick allows the huckser to quickly write or sketch a rough copy of a single page of information.

Air Bubble Environmental Protection: The energy can be transferred from hand to hand but the caster must dewdlands it with one of them until all the lightning is used up.

Hucksters begin with the starting abilities of Speakers, but the abilities below are drawn from several types. How to join this site?

Huckster Hexes

They can also replace one lower-tier ability with a different one from a lower tier. If you are going to play a huckster, you should read pages of the Deadlands Player’s Guide. We think you’ll have a much jucksters enjoyable experience. Within the fogs effect, vision if Obscured as per the Power and muffles sound and smell as well -2 to Notice rolls.