Fiction. In English translation. José María Arguedas is one of the few Latin American authors who loved and described his natural surroundings, and he ranks. : Deep Rivers (): Jose Maria Arguedas, Frances Horning Barraclough: Books. 4 discussion posts. Beth Asmaa said: Translator’s Note. Frances Horning BarracloughBarraclough points out that a reader will find in Los Rios Profund.

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I found it a little difficult to keep track of who the various schoolboys were, but I think this was intentional, as they are really more symbols of different aspects of white and mestizo upbringings than fully developed characters.

The World’s Literature: Korea – Peru: Deep Rivers. José Maria Arguedas Showing of 4

Feb 21, Best Spanish-language novels by Piero Scaruffi Something about the cadence of the writing. The connecting thread that is woven through the episodes of this nostalgic and, at time, passionate of a child tortured by arguedass double origin, a child with roots in two hostile worlds.

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That persuasive power, without which no fiction can live, endows the story before the reader not pass the test of time. Retrieved from ” https: It is the story of Rovers, a white Peruvian boy who was relegated to the kitchen by the relatives he was sent to live with and thus was raised by the Indian raguedas and came to speak their language, Quechua, and love their culture, especially their relationship to the natural world.

Mar 17, Quarters are spruced up for the troop regiment that arrives. Deep Rivers First edition. This is the hard lesson that Deep Rivers chronicles. The genesis of the novel was the story ‘Warma kuyay” part of the collection of short stories entitled ‘Water’, published inone of whose characters is the child Ernesto. The zumbayllu purifies arguedqs land and flowers start to sprout, which Ernesto then decides to place in the woman’s tomb.


Later, however, in the wake of another trouble that strikes the area, the Rector will try to protect Ernesto.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Henry Thoreau, Annie Dillard Vargas Llosa recognizes the emotional impact reading Deep Rivers left him, which unambiguously qualifies it as a masterpiece.

Deep rivers

Introduction Click to show. The push to complete the novel emerged years later inwhile conducting ethnographic fieldwork in the Mantaro Valley. Translator’s Note Click to show. Recently added by hahrenskjgormleyrachellindsaybericandsueada. But he does not succeed. Arguedas liked to point out that the action of the settlers, although treated in the novel as magical motivations, foreshadowed the peasant uprisings that occurred in reality a few years later.

News gets transmitted through Incan song called huayno In this urban Spanish environment he is a misfit and a loner.

Deep Rivers – Wikipedia

Later, father and son go to the town of Abancay, where the father hopes to stay but ultimately leaves his son at a Catholic boarding school.

While Arguedas poetry was published in Quechua, he invented a language for his novels in which he rivera native syntax with Spanish vocabulary. No current Talk conversations about this book. And his father then leaves him at this seminary.

It made me laugh when one of the birds turned out to be a South American mockingbird. My edition had an interesting afterword by fellow Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa. The principal events are the women’s insurrection and the plague, the latter breaking out in haciendas across the Pachachaca River and impelling masses of Indians to journey across the bridge to hear Father Linares Rector say midnight mass and give a sermon in the church. My edition of this book which has the same ISBN as the edition I chose, but looks different and comes in at just under pages took me over 2 weeks to read.


For Ernesto, the zumbayllu is the ideal instrument for capturing the interplay between objects. The story centers on Ernesto, a white boy who was banished to the kitchens by his stepmother, so he lived among Peruvian Indians, learning not only Quecha but their manner of relating to the landscape so closely. But he didn’t fit into Indian culture either, being Latino and not native. Account Options Sign in. Top Five Books of The Leave-Taking Father and son finally reach the town of Abancay, hoping to end their pilgrimage and set up a law office there.

Introduction He inspired respect, in spite of his old-fashioned and dirty appearance. Also, much of the language in this book reminded me of Calvino’s Invisible Cities which I did enjoy.