Apr 18, The Diamondback Salary Guide is published yearly, and the print copy is kept behind the It is also available online, from to the present. Apr 24, After weathering ‘s budget battles, the state finds itself in a far It is in this spirit that The Diamondback publishes its annual salary guide. Apr 21, University of Maryland Salary Guide. Ever wondered UMD Police respond to report of sex offense on Fraternity Row. Aaron Feldstein.

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Good class, hopefully it stays the same way in the future. December 16,5: It uses sports in order to connect to historical events and how sports contributed to society.

February 15,9: He has the most boring and monotone voices I have ever heard. Multiple choice exams are easy salafy for the semester, not cumulative. Even if he suggests otherwise, your grade will always be subjective to what he thinks the article’s main thesis or argument is which grade-wise means is RISKY.


He simply reads off his power points and sometimes even they’re incorrect.

He does not like hearing any different point of views. He is not the most interesting and his voice is sort of monotone. When you visit any web site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies.

Tests arent bad at all. C November 10,2: Thomas is an arrogant idiot. Almost everybody brings their laptop and if you forget yours then may god bless your soul.

Arizona Diamondbacks Salaries & Payroll Table | Spotrac

Not a fun class. Overall, good professor, interesting viamondback, definitely worth taking as a core. I took his online class. The TAs are vague and not helpful and the grades are seemingly random. Discussions are bull shit. If you are a knes major you’re stuck with taking this class. Thomas definitely knows what he is talking about. Thomas clearly knows his stuff. He was really laid back, straight forward, and compassionate.

November 8, B- May 3, The class is misleading. After reading the reviews prior to the semester no one would look forward to this class, however Dr.


Maintaining transparency: The Diamondback’s 2013 Salary Guide

Instead of being what I thought would be an interesting class, this has turned out to be a very time-consuming, stressful, pointless class. The work is about 3 hours a week. As others have said, he is very arrogant. Lastly he is not open to others opinion. C January 26,9: I was fortunate enough slary have a good one, but if you sense your TA will be a difficult grader, drop this course.

His feedback is not helpful, and he doesn’t really help students to learn in this course! Many times he reprimands you for trying to connect it to sport. He basically does nothing, only TA takes part of discussions.

He didn’t curve at all. I took this class online.