Engines of Creation The Coming Era of Nanotechnology · K. Eric Drexler. Anchor Books, See also: Engines of Creation Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology. K. Eric. Drexler, Anchor Books, Doubleday, (downloaded from. The Engines of Creation: Eric Drexler. Molecular-sized robots, or nanotechnology , sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but with our technological capabilities.

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Preview — Engines of Creation by K. The Coming Era of Nanotechnology by K. Marvin Minsky Foreword by. This brilliant work heralds the new age of nanotechnology, which will give us thorough and inexpensive control of the structure of matter. Drexler examines the enormous implications of these developments for medicine, the economy, and the environment, and makes astounding yet well-founded projections for the future.

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Lists with This Book. Be it space lift, nanobots or quantum computers. Nanotechnology makes it all possible. Please note that I put the original German text at the end of this review.

Just if you might be interested. Imagine, billions of small machines are floating in your blood. Once an organ has a minor malfunction, they are on hand to fix the problem. If an aging process starts, it is reversed by the diligent helpers. If you accidentally cut your finger, the wound closes after seconds and heals in hours. To accelera Be it space lift, nanobots or quantum computers. To accelerate the healing process, another model of robots transports pharmaceutical agents directly to the injury.

But for how long? The visionary power of the work has undoubtedly spurred more than a handful of scientists’ careers.

Drexler is one of the greatest and most influential prophets of all time. The visionary power to predict the development so accurately is almost unique.

Where you have to differentiate. Perhaps some research approaches would not have been pursued without his impulses. In addition to biotechnology, nanotechnology is the key technology to finally get all the eggs out of one basket. Without this brilliant duo, the colonization of space will not be possible. And before that, together they will tackle the more profane endeavor of solving all human problems and succeed.

Of course, there are also risks such as a grey goo scenario or, in the case of biotechnology, the super-epidemic created by humans themselves. Whether it’s worth, the risk is out of the question. Because it will be made out of business interests anyway. Thus, it is a waste of time to deal with it and to be afraid. Either the jump to other worlds succeeds, or we eradicate ourselves trying to do so.


Or a dictatorship in the distant future uses the even smaller successors of nanorobots to directly control the mind, emotions, and opinions of people in the brain. Without them even noticing. Which raises the question of how to exclude today, that this is not precisely what is happening to us since a very long time without even noticing it.

That intelligence and consciousness could not have developed without receiving midwifery this way. The striking similarity of the real functioning of the DNA and RNA and potential design and function plans of nanorobots opens up space for hypotheses. If the basic building blocks of life have similar underlying principles of functioning as synthetic organisms, there must be a connection.

A still to be found context between artificially produced intelligence and biological intelligence in the form of molecular machines. Both seem to be based on entirely simple basic instructions and rules. In their elaborate interplay, they mutate, evolving by themselves, and bring forth immense biodiversity.

There are no limits to nanotechnology. A comparison with the fire illustrates the potentials.

Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

Man learned from many generations to use it for himself. The power of energy in the form of weapons, engines, machines, power plants, etc. With nanotechnology, we are at this beginning. We are running around hooting with torches, wallowing in our drezler and maybe triggering one or the other, hopefully, non-devastating wildfire gray goo.

If you addor even years and enginss include cooperation with AI and genetic engineering, nothing is impossible. For example, a spacelift that is first used to build orbital stations. The more lifts and stations are created, the more material can be sent directly into space. All this without the current restriction to primitive, chemically powered rockets. Colonization can progress exponentially faster and faster. Space travel is only realistic thanks to the new materials.

An effective cure and therapy of several diseases and the solution of problems of the environment, scarcity, production bottlenecks, food production, etc.

If primitive, visible robots already do so much work, invisible helpers can do much more. Not only can they maintain and repair their vast archaic predecessors, but they can also modify themselves. One will no longer need a production line with fully automated robots, where everything from delivery to shipping is done without people. This will be like the stone age for our heirs in the Nano Age. They will not understand the meaning or even sense of such ineffective mass production.

Because by self-assembly and initial support by 3D printers and other machines, the robots will be able to produce everything from the primary materials provided. No extra waste of energy or long transport paths will be necessary if everything can be built on demand within a short engunes.


The most significant potential unfolds when nanotechnology and biotechnology are coordinated. For example, when gene therapy, a newly developed vaccine, etc.

Engines of Creation The Coming Era of Nanotechnology by K. Eric Drexler

When new genetic engineered forms of life restore nature while nanobots assist them. The fusion of the benefits of both natural and human technologies will make cyborgs and transhumanist ideas a reality.

In combination with an interconnecting future Internet, one can speak of the emergence of a Gaia organism. The effects on quantum computers and computing power will make us look like antique bean counters with abacuses. Like the miniaturization and Moore’s Law in the previous development, the steady improvement in the smaller and smaller machines will scratch on the building blocks and layers of reality.

There are no limits to successive reduction. We know too little that we could rule that out. For example, that the robots are built up to the size of the quantum plane or what lies underneath. This could open the door to a scenario in which the robots can fumble around on the foundations of reality. That one can manipulate the laws of space and time with their programming. That would put software engineers in the status of gods.

As postulated by the incredibly awesome simulation hypothesis, the robots could then be the executing programming instances. And the smallest components of reality the source code of life. And we computer programs in an existence operated by some higher enginees. Maybe in creatoon way, universes begin to emerge. When nanorobots become quantum robots and eventually transform into something beyond the still impossible to enter and therefore forbidden zones.

And then it comes to a data explosion as with software or the Internet. Except that ddrexler of the source code, programs and algorithms instead of images, videos, and words universes, dimensions, multiverses, and parallel universes are formed.

Ab Weltraumlift, Nanobots oder Quantencomputer. Setzt ein Alterungsprozess ein, wird er von den emsigen Helfern umgekehrt. Um den Heilungsprozess zu beschleunigen, transportiert ein anderes Modell von Robotern pharmazeutische Wirkstoffe direkt zur Wunde.

Wobei man differenzieren muss. Ob es das Risiko wert ist, steht nicht zur Debatte. Denn es wird aus Wirtschaftsinteressen ohnehin gemacht werden. Oder eine Diktatur in ferner Zukunft verwendet die noch kleineren Nachfolger von Nanorobotern, um direkt im Gehirn die Gedanken, Emotionen und Meinungen der Menschen zu kontrollieren. Beide scheinen auf recht schlichten Grundinstruktionen und Regeln zu beruhen.

In ihrem komplexen Zusammenspiel mutieren sie, von selbst evolvierend, weiter und bringen einen ungemeinen Artenreichtum hervor.