Eucalyptus crebra. Family. Myrtaceae. Botanical Name. Eucalyptus crebra F. Muell. Petioles yellowish. Crushed leaves emit a strong eucalyptus oil odour. Eucalyptus crebra is an evergreen tree with a rather open and straggly crown; it can grow 25 – 35 metres tall. Under good growing conditions the tree has. Image of Eucalyptus crebra. Metrosideros salicifolia Trusted. Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA © Smithsonian.

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Eucalyptus crebracommonly known as the narrow-leaved ironbark or narrowleaf red ironbarkis a type of Ironbark tree native to eastern Australia.

It is an important source of nectar in the honey industry and its hard, strong timber is used in construction. The Narrow-leaved eucalyotus was originally described by Victoria state botanist Ferdinand von Mueller in The rough furrowed bark is grey mottled with yellow and orange. The tree’s name ironbark stems from the rough and unyielding texture of the cambium on the outmost layer of the plant.


In the early days of colonization wood felling was achieved with axe and saw, ironbark stands usually meant a broken ax head. The small white flowers appear from late autumn to spring, and are followed by small pods.

PlantNET – FloraOnline

Koalas can consume the leaves, and the flowers are ctebra mainly by insects. The southern or shady side of the trunk is habitat for lichens. The tree has a hard, strong, and dark red timber, which has been used for sleepers and construction. It is useful in honey production as the flowers are heavy in nectar and pollen; [2] the resulting honey produced by bees is light-coloured and delicately flavoured.

Plants of South Eastern New South Wales

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