SOPHOCLES THE THREE THEBAN PLAYS ANTIGONE • OEDIPUS THE KING OEDIPUS AT COLONUS TRANSLATED BY ROBERT FAGLES. Plot summaries and analysis of Sophocles’ play Oedipus Rex. the translation by Robert Fagles The Three Theban Plays: Antigone; Oedipus the King; Oedipus . Robert Fagles. Introduction and notes by Bernard Knox. New York: Viking Press, PP. $ Oedipus the King. Trans. Stephen Berg and Diskin Clay.

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So, you mock my blindness? You were a gift, years ago — know for a fact he took you from my hands.

Oedipus the King (text) Fagles translation — HCC Learning Web

Oh, but if there is any blood-tie between Laius and this stranger. They winged me on to the murder of my father, did they? That day you learn the truth about your marriage, the wedding-march that sang you into your halls, the lusty voyage home to the fatal harbor!

My father — how can my father equal nothing? A light tip of the scales can put old bones oedipys rest. What love, what call of the heart cagles touch my ears with joy? Do as you like, build your anger to whatever pitch you please, rage your worst — oedipus: Oh again, the misery, all at once, over and over the stabbing daggers, stab of memory raking me insane.


What superhuman power drove you on? With no help from the birds, the flight of my own intelligence hit the mark. The king of the land who ruled here long messenger: We are in your hands.

What haunts you so? Your words are oedipks — futile.

And who is he? Well then, free yourself of every charge!

And this is the man you’d try to overthrow? He and Fahles are equals. Dear god, who did it? He called himself a servant of. Apollo brought neither thing to pass. Anyone seen him nji in the fields, here in the city?

What will come will come.

What god, what dark power leapt beyond all bounds, beyond belief, to crush your wretched life? Say it again — I’ll understand it better.

You, shameless — aren’t you appalled to start up such faglez story? Mother and father marked out that rock to be my everlasting tomb — buried alive. May god watch over you for this kindness, better than he ever guarded me. I set you free. No more than I am. Then how could he love me oedipis What do you mean?

More hated by the gods? Let me grant your prayers. These plays in their printed form are designed for the reading public only. O power — Come here, you pious fraud. Such compassion, 1 loyal to the last. I am not your slave. Out with it, once and for all! A herdsman, were you?


Pray god you find a better life than mine, the father who begot you. What more misery could you want? No, no, exactly as oedopus say. So miserable — you would consult the god about a man like me?

The Three Theban Plays

Where did this thing happen? A vagabond, scraping for wages messenger: Do one thing more, for your sake, not mine.

I paid him back with interest! What madness swept over you? Oh— when you picked me up, was I in pain? Never let the holy water touch his hands. That’s right, old man, that fear is always with me. She fales afraid — frightening prophecies. True, and his early years without a child made him love you all the more. Rescue yourself, your city, rescue me — rescue everything infected by the dead.