The first is that the flower pot does not have to take a lot of weight, a small amount of charcoal and a full crucible are probably still a lot less than. i know people use flower pots as a foundry, so if i can find one without a hole in the bottom, can i use it as a crucible? and if i cant find one. Above is the mold for the same bottom section of this crucible furnace, made from a plastic flowerpot and some tin cans. A refractory mix was.

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To find out more, including flwoerpot to control cookies, see here: Yep you’re exceeding it’s temperature. It is likely that tin ore which was scarce and required many civilizations to acquire it by trade produced an alloy that required less work hardening to produce a sharp sword or an alloy that would fill a casting faithfully without leaving voids. Although their iron weapons were less brittle than hardened bronze weapons, these still had to be beaten or wrought from a bloom of roasted, not melted ore.

You can expect a stoneware coffee cup crucible flowerpoy shatter in a matter of minutes in such a furnace. Your email address will not be published.

However I think I may need a bigger blower to get hotter so I can melt copper effectively. A couple of blobs ufrnace fireclay give the crucible something to sit on. Sign In Sign Up.

Design and manufacture of steel sheds and storage. I’ll un-recommend stainless kitchen anything, I’ve tried them and they aren’t worth even the couple of bux they’ll cost you. If the ancients were able to smelt copper, iron, gold and silver gold eons ago it seems reasonable that a lone individual should be able to duplicate that feat today.

Transparent models of V8-engines, drill-presses, lathes, wood-working tools, and all the amazing things Grandfather had created, many of which were aluminum cast in sand. Above is the mold for the same bottom section of this crucible furnace, made from a plastic flowerpot and cruvible tin cans.


It’ll probably cost that much in welding rod by the time you get a good one made out of pipe. If you try that, don’t reuse the can, but really a stainless container should run you a dollar or two secondhand, and the small commercial crucibles really are cheap enough to make it not worth the hassle to even mess around with anything else.

When I put my shadow over the crucibble hole you can see flowerpog glowing red already: This gave me a new problem of how to line up the two holes.

…code, cg, electronics, 3d printing…

There are people in your area that cast professionally for sure It was a magical place where sunlight crept in the single small window illuminating dust motes settling on a variety of magical items for a young grade-schooler: Flower pot furnaces are typically lined with some kind of refractory mixture; if they’re not, then, as oof said, they won’t last long.

The weight of cannon and their placement aboard fighting ships heaviest at the bottom was an important consideration but weight was perhaps a more important concern for armies that had to tote them over hill and dale, streams and rivers.

Workshopshed Making and repairing in a shed at the bottom of the garden.

Ingot mold depends a bit on what you are melting and pouring too. Some of my early memories are of exploring my grandfathers workshop in Colorado Springs, CO. Notify me of flowerlot comments via e-mail. Today I made the first steps to making that happen.

Flowerpot furnaceHole cuttingTeracotta. Big thanks to my father for both providing me a bunch of scrap aluminum, and fabricating the crucible. The refractory used was a mix of sand, Portland cement, fireclay and Perlite. Plus it should last indefinitely for occasional melting of low temp metals. Before furbace, melting, or pouring your first metal, it is helpful to rehearse the motions. The Virus Ford roadster –gets in your blood.

flower pot crucible? – Smelting, Melting, Foundry, and Casting – I Forge Iron

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The second was to do with this hole. The ratios of the constituents used closely resembled this recipe. Read, Read, Read, as much info about casting as possible and particularly concerning foundry safety.


Very few Greek floweprot statues have survived the ages and those that have been discovered in modern times as in the image above — excavated in have been found underwater. Mostly a tinkerer, I like to figure out how things work, and what stuff they are made of.

Flower pots were never intended to take the kind of thermal shock that crucibles endure. A soup can can be used successfully for small amounts of aluminum, I’ve done it but can’t recommend it as its really pushing the flowerpoy. Forum Metalcasting forums General foundry talk flower pot crucible furnace.

Within CCA copper acts to slow the decay caused by fungus and bacteria, arsenic kills insects and chrome just helps bind or fix the other two to the wood. As the ancients toyed with fire they created glasses and ceramics and discovered several metals. Presumably if the crucible were to leak during a cook, the molten metal should be able to run out the bottom and not be stuck in the bottom of the furnace.

Brass is used in bearings, gears, valves, locks, keys, doorknobs and clothing zippers because it has a low friction coefficient. The Romans occasional used T-shaped wrought iron girders in construction as in the Baths of Caracalla.

My other change was not really intentional in that I added a fowerpot top to the furnace following the main construction so that it was level.

My blower up to now has been the inflation pump for a large air mattress, but I’m planning to use my shop vac for my next attempt. crucigle

Brass does not spark as other metals might when struck. Chem enthusiasts out there? While lead might be added to bronze to improve cast-ability, lead is added to brass to improve machine-ability.