Humans In Universe · Synergy · Synergetics · Universe · System · Conceptuality · Structure · Tensegrity. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [R. Buckminster Fuller, Arthur L. Loeb, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Synergetics 2: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [Richard Buckminster Fuller, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Bucky gets even more complex. Who cares if you have a sqrt in the denominator of a fraction? The Greeks defined the sphere as a surface outwardly equidistant in all directions from a point. I realized in college that the notion of canonical form is ridiculous.

But can those have been possible seeing that they never were? This “energetic-synergetic” geometry became the foundation for his entire body of research and problem solving on behalf of all humankind and planet Earth for over half a century.

Relevant here is that giant Scheherazade number — abbrev. That is space, the field of potential experience, I would say.

Its emphasis on visual and spatial phenomena combined with Fuller’s holistic approach fosters the kind of lateral thinking which so often leads synergeticd creative breakthroughs. My college physics books defines precession as: So we must look at the whole system. The Synergetic Geometry of R. But the equation for the helium atom, with its additional proton–is intractable.


It is therefore a Synergy. And lead us only in — to syntegration and synerbetics us from entropic monofocus on material self-interest universe within Universe amen.

R. Buckminster Fuller’s SYNERGETICS

It provides a structure in which to think about any structure or system. Tetrahedral mensuration also involved substituting what Fuller called the “isotropic vector matrix” IVM for the standard XYZ coordinate system, as his principal conceptual backdrop for special case physicality:. Allow me a suggestion: Begin with a tetrahedron, circumscribe a cube, and for the octahedron, take the dual to the cube in the sense that the edge of duals perpendicularly bisect each other.

May never finish it. In his quest he discovered what he referred to as “nature’s coordinate system”, the geometric articulation of energetic relationships, which he named Synergetics.

The Jitterbug Transformation provided a unifying dynamic in this work, with much significance attached to the doubling and quadrupling of edges that occurred, when a cuboctahedron is collapsed through icosahedral, octahedral and tetrahedral stages, then inside-outed and re-expanded in a complementary fashion. Pull on two ends of a rope, and its strands are squeezed even more tightly together. What we tune is energetic. Bucky’s own thoughts on the importance of synergetics were presented in the Exhibit Brochure.

This tetrahedron anchored a set of concentrically arranged polyhedra proportioned in a canonical manner and inter-connected by a twisting-contracting, inside-outing dynamic named the Jitterbug Transformation.

I’ve also simplified the computer program a bit: As the triangles get smaller, their numbers multiply exponentially, hence the fractal-like self-similar nature of the algorithm. Yasushi Kajikawa of the Synergetics Institute in Japan has a competing module set for assembling 5-fold symmetric shapes, and a hypercard stack for the Macintosh to show how it works.


It would seem logical that even if there were exceptions to Fuller’s tetrahedronal concept of the shape of space, Carbon would surely obey these geometric principles if the principles are true. For other uses, see Synergetics disambiguation. This would have a certain pleasing simplicity, but, on the other hand, it has no really obvious advantage over an over-precise description.

It is spontaneously inquisitive. Synergetics 1 and 2 Synergetics, according to E. Because of the fundamental nonsimultaneity of universal structuring, a single, simultaneous, static model of Universe is inherently both nonexistent and conceptually impossible as well as unnecessary.

The R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ: Synergetics

Synervetics we have experienced energy, we have special case. The constraints I have arbitrarily placed require that the polyhedron be formed by a whole number of equivalent triangles placed about a center point. First, Carbon is a tetrahedronal atom.