Tim Elmore This generation of students has not only grown up online, but with texts, Twitter, Facebook, The currency of Generation iY is much more rare. Generation Iy has ratings and 61 reviews. Dave/Maggie said: Having spent the last month reading serious thinkers and observers of the human condition. Tim Elmore and Dan Cathy (foreword), Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future. Poet Gardener Publishing, Referenced in.

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Elmore seems to ignore that entirely. Frequently, Elmore speaks in generalized terms, using non-exact figures, and saying things like, “my research shows,” or “statistics have demonstrated,” while failing to demonstrate suppor Thus far, Elmore appears to make some legitimate observations, but comes away seeming like an old man longing for the good ol days when kids were “better”. That should be endorsement enough for you to consider buying this book!

There are chapters about raising boys and one on types parents. They are the talk of Human Resource professionals and newspaper journalists, they are the prize of their parents, and they are the market share every retailer covets. I don’t necessarily agree with every sentence of the book, but it is one I intend to re-read.

Challenge them to take their place in history These points are of course more filled out in the book, and I recommend these chapters on their own if you work with young people from the generation Elmore is writing about. Train leaders from the inside out so they can turn the world upside-down. I liked what he was trying for, but found that its blanket approach was far too general. The I stands for internet since this population has basically grown up “connected” to it.

I read this book as an assignment for work and it was quite good. Great insight into generational parenting differences including: Perhaps I am being unfair, but Generation iY is not entirely convincing to me. Whenever gender is brought up in the book, it is brought up in a way that makes me roll my eyes or squirm.


This is my favourite book in This book offers not just the facts which can seem daunting and depressingbut this book also offers hope and direction on how to effectively lead my generation. Parent involvement in their children’s work life 5. The expectation of change and amusement 6.

Generation Iy: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future by Tim Elmore

It will not only help you understand who this generation is but what makes them who they are. Jul 31, Joshua rated it liked it. The book provided strategies that we adults can use to help approach, engage, and turn these kids into leaders who can influence the world in a positive way. I am putting this on my list of everyone should read! So often in higher education there is confrontation concerning how my generation functions, learns, receives, and reacts.

Really great quotable statements. If you are a teacher, parent, coach, youth worker or employer, this is a must-read for you. I just read the one star scathing review GenY needs a healthy dose of actual reality.

My company uses lots of interns and has several staff in this generation, so the insight given on how they learn and respond best was important. The majority of the book is spent describing what the iY generation looks like with the last two chapters offering some useful helps on how to work with the iY generation.

Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future | Growing Leaders

If you haven’t done much study on working with Millennials, it’s a great read. It seems more like a doomsday proclamation, than being a fair-minded approach genedation the problems of this generation.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This journey starts with helping children develop good character. Some parts of it are very academic, while others share enlightening stories and insight from individuals. This one, however, surprised me greatly, not only as scholarly work, but also as practical and timely. Refresh and try again. Work with them to simplify their lives and deal with stress 5.


Generation iY: Secrets to Connecting With Today’s Teens & Young Adults in the Digital Age

They are looking for mentors, authentic mentors 4. But there is enough wrong with the book to make me hesitant about lending it out. Also, this book seems to position itself as being somewhat researched-based, but seems to rely less upon external data, and more upon personal reflection. Books by Tim Elmore. Feb 24, Miranda Moberg Diaz rated it really liked it Shelves: Build a relationship that can bear the weight of truth.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Usually, statistical books are NOT highly rated in my bookshelves. Dec 15, Jeff rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt the author mentioned his Growing Leaders work a little too frequently, although since that’s where most of his work and research come fro I read this book as an assignment for work and it was quite good.

Today’s kiddos–college through infants–will experience life so differently from generations before. I was full of foreboding generatio I saw that the forward was written by the president of Chick-Fil-A. Matching our primary strength to our daily work can almost feel like magic. I would recommend this book genrration any high schooler. Create a ‘river’ instead of a ‘flood’. Elomre of depression and disappointment in the workplace 4.

Overall, a very insightful look at this future generation, with some practical tips on how to best engage them and assist them in becoming the leaders we’ll need in the future. Written for leaders and adults, but Flmore, as a member of Generation iY, loved it anyway!!! For me this book was problematic from the front cover.