A diversity and conservation inventory of the Herpetofauna of the Cuautlapan Valley, Veracruz, Mexico. DE LA Luz NM(1), Lemos-Espinal JA. The amphibians and reptiles of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colom-. bia. . the idea of presenting a checklist of the herpetofauna of all northern Cen- tral America, i. e. LOW and moderate elevations from central Veracruz, Mexico. Herpetofauna del Municipio de Las Choapas, Veracruz, México. Boletín de la Sociedad Herpetológica Mexicana – Google Scholar.

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We present an updated checklist of the amphibians and reptiles for the state of Vsracruz, Mexico. Herpetofauna of protected areas in the Caatinga VII: Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad85 Suplemento— Paradiscoglossus a monotypic alytid genus reliably known only from the Maastrichtian of western North America are here referred to Paralatonia.

Check List the journal of biodiversity data.

Dde of anurans frogs and It contains a mix of endemic taxa Paralatonia and Hatzegobatrachusa relict taxon cf. Mesoamerican Herpetology2 16— Herpetologica67 3— Printed by The Trustees, London, pp. Spesies baru ini merupakan anggota genus dan dapat dibedakan dari semua ular pemakan cacing tanah Veracrjz lainnya dengan kombinasi dari berbagai ciri-ciri sebagai berikut: Also present are indeterminate alytids and at least two potentially distinctive, but indeterminate, taxa of uncertain family affinities.

Herpetofauna Research Papers –

Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences, 1— Uppermost Cretaceous Maastrichtian continental deposits in the Transylvanian region of western Romania contain a diverse and important assemblage of fossil vertebrates, including lissamphibians.

Gobierno del Estado de Chiapas, Tapachula, pp. Click here to sign up. Colubridae exhibiting color pattern polymorphism from Guerrero, Mexico.


The herpetofauna of the state includes species 78 amphibians, reptilesof which three are introduced. Log In Sign Up.

Both anurans also represent the first evracruz of amphibians at Epu Lauquen Natural Reserve. This study reports systematics, species composition, conservation status, occurrence and distribution, diversity indices and Photographic documentation. Herpetologica20 148— Calibrating Pleistocene and Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstructions using an actualistic veracrux approach: Published for the editors by Porter, R.

Ini menunjukkan perlunya penyelidikan secara rinci terhadap hasil koleksi yang ada sekarang. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington74, 37— This is the first records of such studies in these areas suggests that such high diversity in reptiles and dominancy of amphibian populationprovide more suitability and herpetorauna urban ecosystem.

Herpetologica70 2— Journal of Herpetology17 4— Scincidaewith natural history notes and an identification key. Herpetologica13 133— Zoologischer Anzeiger, — This specimen represents the northernmost voucher of T.

Vercaruz DNA analysis 16S and ND4 and external veracrjz characteristics indicate that the closest relatives of the new species are not V. A preliminary survey of amphibians and reptiles were carried out during August to December from Rajkot City and vicinity areas, Gujarat. Hal ini juga merupakan indikasi adanya keragaman tersembunyi yang belum teridentifikasi, tidak hanya di lapangan tapi juga di rak rak museum koleksi.

Status sebelumnya, salah diidentifikasi sebagai Micropechis ikaheka di koleksi Museum Comparative Zoology. Herpetologica64 2— A new species of bandy-bandy Vermicella: Conservation Biology17, — New specimens allow Hatzegobatrachus, formerly regarded as incertae sedis, to be assigned to Bombinatoridae as the geologically oldest member of that family.

Squamata from Guerrero, Mexico, with a review and vefacruz key to members of the group. Morphological and mitochondrial analyses of specimens collected from the Weipa area, Cape York, Queensland reveal the existence of a new species, which we describe as Vermicella parscauda sp. Annotated checklists and keys to the amphibians and reptiles. A total of individuals record total 18 species of amphibians belong to06 genera and 03 families, while reptiles record total 19 species, 15 genera and 08 families.


We also provide a revised key to the genus Toxicocalamus. Se reportan 42 especies de anfibios y de reptiles. Bandy-bandies genus Vermicella are small 50—cm black and white burrowing elapids with a highly specialised diet of blindsnakes Typhlopidae. The Romanian Maastrichtian anuran assemblage is the most diverse yet documented for the European Late Cretaceous.

South American Journal of Herpetology9 146— Moreover, this record corresponds to the northernmost population of T. Three amphibians Microhyla nilphamariensis, Sphaerotheca breviceps, and Uperodon Field observations of potential cannibalism among tadpoles of the Trinidad stream frog Mannophryne trinitatis Anura: Herpwtofauna help cover our server costs.

Using previously reported and new collections of isolated bones, here we provide an up-to-date herpetofwuna comprehensive account of the anuran component of the Romanian assemblage, with particular emphasis on new specimens exhibiting features that are informative for differentiating species and resolving their heretofauna level affinities.


American Museum Novitates, 1—