John Deere Operator Manuals (model year to present) and Parts Catalogs ( model year to present) for John Deere equipment are available in. John Deere Operator’s Manual Tractor OM-R Issue J2. This is a used manual and shows signs of wear (as seen in photo) I want you to be aware that. JOHN DEERE. WORLDWIDE COMMERCIAL & CONSUMER. EQUIPMENT DIVISION. GX J0. John Deere Tractors. Series. OPERATOR’S MANUAL.

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Ride-on mowers are for people who own sheds jojn cans of different oils and a workbench with a vice. They have a tool for every occasion, kept sharp and lubricated with oil from the correct can. They are like our friend, Graham, who re-builds old cars and spent a day fixing up his own ride-on mower that he bought cheap off Trade Me.

I own scissors, secateurs and a yractor, and my husband has allen keys for fixing bicycles. We bought our mower brand new. The second is in Spanish. I start to have angry political thoughts but am distracted by a revelation: Good to know, even though our little D looks more like a pedal car than a tractor.

Deerw, part of Rock Island, Illinois, and not far from Milan. The sleeve also contains warranty gumpf, a safety DVD and the spare key, on which is printed the vaguely threatening message: The first thirteen pages are dedicated to it, and there are warnings on every one of the following forty-seven.


A child was not kept away. The safety labels are shown with explanatory text and then with no text, like a memory game. Everything about my Lawn Tractor is potentially lethal, including the exhaust fumes. Look at its little face!! When we built this house, we spent the first summer surrounded by dirt and weeds.

John Deere Operators Manuals Online

But he was persuaded by 1 our neighbours offering to go halves, and 2 Les. Maybe not; I could hear splashing the other night when I rang him, and he had no qualms about admitting he was in the bath.

I described a character in a book as having the kind of outdoorsy perma-tan that meant he could be aged anywhere from fifty-five to a hundred and four. That was before I knew Les, but it fits.

He does all kinds of practical odd jobs for us, including tratcor the rat bait.

John Deere Tractor 100 Series OMG X23532 J0 User Manual

He gives me vegetables from his garden, and mahual of advice. And those weeds there? Les insisted we get a ride-on and specified the brand. When it arrived, Les came round at five in the afternoon and forced my husband to try it out.

I was walking the dogs, and came back to find David mowing and Les jogging alongside, giving advice.

Took him two hours. Les would have stayed to watch except his wife made him go home. David told me mowing was tricky on the slopes, and the Operator’s Manual is very firm about slope safety.


It even includes a Slope Gauge Template that you can use to ascertain how likely it is that you will die attempting this opeeator. Avoid death with the handy dandy slope gauge template.

I can do that. But on Page 18, the Manual goes next level technical.

I can skip the two pages on Assembly. Our D was delivered pre-assembled by Hayden, who reversed it off a trailer down a ramp he also assembled on the spot. Nine pages on Operating, including sentences like: I do not know where — or what — the anti-scalp wheels are.

Other terms I am unfamiliar with: Terms I am familiar with: Coltrane used to call Enos. Proper Lawn Tractor owners will have a special can for that. The section on Sharpening Blades comes before the one on Balancing Blades, which has the reere warning: On page 45, it says: Do not lose the shaft key. Terms I am unfamiliar with: At this point, I decide Mwnual may as well switch to the Dedre version.

Right at the end, between more warranty gumpf and the index, I find the John Deere Quality Statement: This support is needed to keep you a satisfied customer. Catherine J Robertson author.