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The following information will detail the steps necessary to configure Totalflow’s® . PCCU32 system to work in conjunction with the K-TEK Guided Wave Radar. Software Agreement. The property rights, proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, and all other rights associated with the software are held by Yokogawa. A concentric waveguide directs the radar beam, alleviating divergence problems and echoes from tank walls and surrounding structures.

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Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter MT5000

Controllers and process computers. Fieldbus Differential Pressure Transmitters. Fieldbus Gauge Pressure Transmitter. Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters.

Process Controls Corporation | Instrumentation & Measurement | Level | Radar

Magnetic Level Gauge Switches. RF Capacitance Level Switches. Sonar Bed Level System.

Thermal Dispersion Level Switches. Vibrating Fork Level Switches. Batch Controllers – S Series. Current Trasducers – T Series. Digital Indicators – S Series. MY Series – Handheld measurement devices. Surge Protections Devices – S Energy Counters – S Series. Energy Power Meters – S Series.


Profibus Differential Pressure Transmitters.

Profibus Gauge Pressure Transmitter. Thermal Imaging System for Electronics Testing.

Thermography – Entry Level. Process Industry Head Thermometers. Heads mounting Temperature Transmitter. The MT Series Guided Wave Mh5000 transmitters feature a graphic display incorporated into an all digital electronics module.

Using this new format K-TEK has been able to add waveform screens to the modular electronics along with easy to follow multiple choice setup menus. These menus can be changed to many different languages for easy commissioning throughout the world.

ABB K-TEK MT Radar Liquid Level Transmitter | ABB-K-TEK-MTRadar-Liquid-Level-Transmitter |

Pulses of microwave energy are directed to the product surface using a rigid rod or flexible cable type probe. This assembly has no moving parts and no loss of energy due to beam divergence.

Multiple coupler and probe types are available to accommodate applications such as knock out drums, feed water heaters, production vessels and separators.