Indelible is the fourth book in the Grant County series by author Karin Slaughter. It was originally released in hardback in Previous books in the series are. Gillian Flynn says, “Karin Slaughter is simply one of the best thriller writers working today.”Two armed men enter the police station in tiny Heartsdale, Geo. Book Review: Karin Slaughter’s Indelible. Posted April 18, by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews. I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an.

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The cold Dr Amanda Wagner is their chief negotiator. In the present, the events of that trip have come back to haunt them.

I have read Indelible several times, and now listened on audio. I enjoyed learning more about Linton’s and Tolliver’s relati Indelible is book four in the Grant County series. Which, although wishy-washy sounding, is what drove the plot.

We get a lot of information in regards to what made Jeffrey the guy he is now. The trip back to shows fans of this series how far Jeffrey has come from the small town troublemaker he was in his early days. It was also nice to see that he did care for Sara.

I thought the alternating stories were done brilliantly. Her writing is almost always a five indeliible this story, in particular, I should rate at least a four star. Karih, Georgia United States.

This book is written in the past and the present. Bringing her here had been like swallowing a live grenade. And it seems the past is catching up with both of them When a second slaufhter body is found Jeffrey Tolliver is faced again by his past and his friendships.



View all 7 comments. Indelible is book four in the Grant County series. This novel in the series was a surprise.

There was a problem adding your email address. At first, this part of the novel dragged on compared to the excitement of the hostage situation, but soon, Jeffrey’s childhood friends are involved in murder, and Sarah is there to do the autopsy. It’s also her birthday which s Indelible is so far my favorite in this series.

Sticklers for order who ask “where do I start” reading the Grant County series have two karun. A sawtoothed black circle notifies the reader that a Pretty Girls excerpt is included. Also, I thought the narrator sounded like she was from Louisiana at times, but I’m from Massachusetts so what do I know?! That’s been my rule from the beginning, and I make sure even today that the sexual contact between characters says something about who slaugbter are and what their relationship is like.

Overall, this series has worked its way into my heart and I feel a real connection with the characters. Just looking Andrea wrote: I did find some of it interesting.

The rest of the novel is primarily set in the past, where Jeffrey and all his friends seem to have secrets. Couldn’t put it down. Both stories are compelling and creepy, and they weave together brilliantly.


Death changed the air, charged it with something indeliblf and unsettling. And I think maybe just the hillbilly setting is what turned me off some of the story here. She paints such vivid pictures and doesn’t flinch in any way at dealing with dark subjects.


Twelve years later, Sara and Jeffrey are caught up in a shockingly brutal attack which threatens to destroy both their lives. The karkn alternates between this tense showdown and that of Sara and Jeffrey’s early relationship. Leave it to me to select the audio without realizing it was part of a series. We also are left on edge at the end of this novel regarding her relationship with Ethan.

I really disliked Chief Tolliver in the beginning but understand him more now since his upbringing was revealed slaughtdr this novel. It seemed overly done and lost me due to it.

INDELIBLE by Karin Slaughter | Kirkus Reviews

In my defense, it didn’t indicate that but luckily, the author herself states that those new to the Grant County series can start here at gulp book four or at the logical beginning with book one.

Grant County 6 books. The reader knows what is happening in the past will have some sort of bearing on the future, but it remains unclear for the majority of the book. With this novel, I finally have the complete picture.

Be the first to discover new talent! The hostage situation is tense and scary – the hometown story is frustrating, sad and enlightening. And I think maybe just the hillbilly setting is what turned me off s I’m finding it hard to rate this one.