Contoh Kaligrafi Khat Naskhi picture Fonts, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Pictures, . Seni Khat Warisan Islam | Islamic Calligraphy: Tutorial 5: Khat Nasakh. Khat Nasakh (Naskhi) is one of the easiest types of Khat to read. This type is most often found when viewing or reading verses in the Qur’anic. Get this from a library! Petunjuk praktis belajar kaligrafi Arab: khat naskhi. [M Misbachul Munir].

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Naskh (script)

Naskh literally “to copy” is a smaller, round script of Islamic Calligraphy. Naskh was standardized by Ibn Muqla as one of the six primary scripts of Islamic calligraphy in the 10th century CE.

Round scripts became the kkhat popular in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries, due to their use by scribes. Kufic is commonly believed to be predate Naskh, but historians have traced the two scripts as coexisting long before their codification by Ibn Muqla, as the two served different purposes.


KHAT NASKHI | alifah rini –

For example, the alif is written as a straight stroke, bending to the lower left. Naskh was historically used heavily in the transcription of books and in administrative courtly documents.

Naskh allowed for the development of decorative elements into more supple, rounded designs, away from the common use of nasihi kufic in decoration. Naskh’s use in architecture first began in the tenth century, and had been adopted in many Muslim countries by the eleventh century. More recently, fonts, such as Monotype Imaging ‘s Bustani font, have created user-friendly digital manifestations of naskh for use khst graphic design and digital typography. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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