1 INSTANT GRATIFICATION 1 ABOUT THIS MANUAL 2 WHAT IS A 1 1 GLOBAL SETTINGS 17 MASTER TUNING 17 V KORG Wavestation a little bit about how the MDE works- The MDE has four inputs (A – D) arranged as. The Korg Wavestation A/D was an improved version of the classic Wavestation and Wavestation EX. It features XLR inputs and it’s possible to run external. on the original WAVESTATION series, delivering a perfect reproduction of the . Manual: Displays this Owner’s Manual. operating manual or the KORG App Help Center. 3. his sets the pitch of the waveform used by a patch, and ad-.

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The Wavestation is perfect for sound design: The Wavestation is typically used for lush pads and sound fx, but it’s really a versatile module – and the SR, the last hardware incarnation of this synth, features a large amount of sound banks that show off this versatility.

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Wavestaion all demos below. Korg Wavestation Performance audio demos. It features XLR inputs and it’s possible to run koorg signals through the synth fx engine. Add to this a modulation matrix, LFOs, aftertouch, and high-quality effects – and many more among the numerous features of this machine, and the result is a very expressive, characteristic synthesizer.

Performance name with audio demo. Quintessential Wave Sequencing, with a soaring synth lead on the right hand. Beautifulhypnotic bell combi – especially with the modulation wheel engaged. Ravishing vector pad – lots of wavesstation sonic entities coming in and out.

Documents, presets, manuals Korg WaveStation A/D – Audiofanzine

Beautiful vector synthesis patch, manuaal perfect moving pad. Perhaps inspired by the band Scritti Politti? Quintessential Korg patch with echoed percussion release. Amazing Leslie emulation – speed controllable by mod wheel. Awesome sound design – sci fi.

Well produced drum kit – includes percussion and cool vocal noises! Ravishingmelancholic string ensemble – very cinematic.


Other Media Files : Korg WaveStation A/D

Incredibly good and inspiring patch!!! Superb loop, pad and soaring synth. Excellent use of gating, internally using a drum loop’s transients to shape the rhythm.

Magnificent, stupendous, ever-evolving soundtrack pad. Beautiful evolving synth pad.

WAVESTATION A/D/Performance Note

Inspired by one of the Sequential Circuits Prophets perhaps? Excellent Jaco Pastorius style fusion bass, clean sound and round-wound strings. Features at a glance.