PDF | A careful reading of the KUBARK manual is essential for anyone involved in interrogation, if perhaps for no other reason than to uncover a definition of. Its purpose is to provide guidelines for KUBARK interrogation, and particularly the counterintelligence interrogation of resistant sources. “An environment still more subject to control, such as water-tank or iron lung, is even more effective,” the KUBARK manual concludes.

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They are convinced that the justice of the claim is plain for all to see and that any refusal to grant it is willfully malignant.

The two typologies most frequently advocated are psychologic-emotional and geographic-cultural. This study is by no means confined to a resume and interpretation of psychological findings. He is often caught up completely in efforts to prove that he has been treated unjustly.

And sometimes seemingly rambling lubark about personal matters are preludes to significant admissions. In either event, he is unlikely to cause serious trouble in the future.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Kuubark. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Less well known is the trick of planting two informants in the cell. The interrogation of a resistant source who is a staff or agent member of an Orbit intelligence or security service or of a clandestine Communist organization is one of the most exacting of professional tasks.

To be persuasive, the sympathy or anger must be genuine; but to be useful, it must not interfere with the deeper level of precise, unaffected observation. The interrogator who already knows part of the story explains to the source that the purpose of the questioning is not to gain information; the interrogator knows everything already.

There is little to be gained and much to be lost by exposing the nonrelevant lies of this kind of source. Clothes may also be taken simply to alienate the detainee and make him or her less comfortable. Even if the file contains little or nothing but blank paper, the air of familiarity with which the interrogator refers to the subject’s background can convince some sources that all is known and that resistance is futile.

Ines Consuelo Murillo, who spent 78 days in Battalion ‘s secret jails insaid she was given no food or water for days, and one of her captors entered her room every 10 minutes and poured water over her head to keep her from kjbark. The purpose of screening is to provide the interrogator, in advance, with a reading on the type and characteristics of the interrogatee. To escape the mounting tension, the source may grasp at any face-saving reason for compliance – any explanation which will placate both his own conscience and the possible wrath of former superiors and associates if he is returned to Communist control.


This manual cannot teach anyone how to be, or become, a good interrogator. Separation permits the use of a number of techniques that would not be possible otherwise. B then reads or hears A’s “confession. Refusals should be recorded, as well as indications that the walk-in has been briefed on the technique by another maunal. The two-man team, in particular, is subject to unintended antipathies and conflicts not called for by assigned roles.

Wikisource has original text related to oubark article: It is not easy to distinguish between innocent blocks — kubak held back for reasons of personal prestige — and guilty blocks — things the interrogator needs to know. He has merely learned how to proceed indirectly if necessary.

Pressure for participation will usually come [approx. Some psychologists trace this effect back to infantile relationships.

The techniques used in nullifying resistance, inducing compliance, and eventually eliciting voluntary cooperation are discussed in Part VIII of this handbook. However, the ,anual percent of the noncollaborator sample who resisted actively – who were either decorated by the Army or considered to be ‘reactionaries’ by the Chinese – differed from the remaining group in precisely the same direction as the collaborator group and could not be distinguished from this group on any variable except age; the resisters mwnual older than the collaborators.

Like the guilt-ridden character, the schizoid character may be an unreliable subject for testing by LCFLUTTER because his internal needs lead him to confuse fact with fancy.

They often reach decisions very slowly.

The CIA wrote a torture manual more than 50 years ago, and then gave it to Latin American dictators

The basic purpose of the reconnaissance is to determine the kind and degree of pressure that will be needed in the third stage. The safer the topic, the more voluble the source. That is, he should not be pleased, flattered, frustrated, goaded, or otherwise emotionally and personally affected by the interrogation. Whenever possible, KUBARK should secure a copy of the file or its full informational equivalent before accepting custody.


A distinction should be drawn as soon as possible between sources who will be sent to [approx. Through experience the interrogator becomes adept in this dualism. There is another advantage in letting the subject talk freely and even ramblingly in the first stage of interrogation. Southern Command advised governments in Latin America that the manuals contained passages that did not represent U.

If it is decided, much later in the interrogation, to confront the interrogatee with proof of lying, the following related advice about legal cross-examination may prove helpful. The Pentagon press release accompanying the release stated that a investigation into the manuals concluded that “two dozen short passages in six of the manuals, which total pages, contained material that either was not or could be interpreted not to be consistent with U.

Is he to be paid?

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Or the witnesses’ remarks about the known spy, edited as necessary, can be kugark played back that the interrogatee is persuaded that manuwl is the subject of the remarks. The short-range purpose is to enlist his cooperation toward this end or, if he is resistant, to destroy his capacity for resistance and replace it with a cooperative attitude. The Haunted Mixtape of the Vietnam War.

But the successful establishment of rapport will tend to eliminate innocent blocks, or at least to keep them to a minimum.

The CIA wrote a torture manual more than 50 years ago, and then gave it to Latin American dictators

He is — and always has been — intensely concerned about his personal possessions. However real cooperation is achieved, its existence seems to act as a deterrent to later hostility. The Detailed Questioning 4.

It is important that gross abnormalities be spotted during the screening process. Amazon Kubadk Digital Educational Resources. The interrogator should reserve his fire-power until he knows what he is up against.

US Army Field Manual The interrogator who is dealing with an orderly-obstinate character should avoid the role of hostile authority.