CHAPTER 3 Lee and Marlene Canter’s Assertive Discipline. – About Lee and Marlene Canter. Lee Canter. Lee Canter is founder of Canter & Associates. Assertive Discipline: Lee Canter. A behaviorist approach to class control based on the assumptions that teachers have a right to teach and a right to expect. Assertive Discipline: Positive Behavior Management for Today’s Classroom ( Building Relationships with Difficult Students) [Lee Canter] on

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Learn to use the “positive repetitions” technique. It involves a high level of teacher control in the class.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat For more on making and implementing consequences, see the home page link on “How to create your own behavior management system” 4. Teachers have needs, wants and feelings and the right to teach without interruption by students misbehaving. Go to the link on Dr. Based on their investigation and the foundations of assertiveness training and applied behavior analysis, they developed a common sense, easy-to-learn approach to help teachers become the captains of their classrooms and positively influence their students’ behavior.

If you want to act like a bully, I’ll show you what it’s like to get pushed around. Use positive touching on the student’s back or shoulder and give a nonverbal signal.

Do you use eye contact, gestures, and the student’s name? More than being a director, assertive teachers build positive, trusting relationships with their students and teach appropriate classroom behavior via direct instruction Demonstrate the “‘broken record” technique by writing responses for the teacher. While looking down or away from your partner, say, “Sit down.


Assertive Discipline | Child Discipline in the Classroom

For example, along with verbal praise, you might also include raffle tickets that are given to students for proper behavior. Practice giving positive reinforcement and consequences in different ways by engaging in the tasks below with a partner. Dismiss the thought that there is any acceptable reason for misbehavior Biologically based misbehavior may be an exception.

Is this approach useful for all teachers, students, and educational programs? Do you respond to misconduct in a non hostile, assertive manner? Now that you have given a direction, you can reinforce the student for compliance or punish him or her for noncompliance.

Assertive discipline – Wikipedia

Give five different nonverbal signals e. These will be administered if the student continues to misbehave. Assertive discipline is a structured, systematic approach designed to disciplihe educators in running an organized, teacher-in-charge classroom environment. When the letters spell “Popcorn Party” or some other activitythat event is held.

Decide with which of these pupils you failed to set firm consistent limits non-assertiveness because: Do you “catch the students being good” e. In that case, polite requests given with a lessened contact of the eyes may be indicated. Peter is working diligently on his seatwork.

Additionally, educators have the right to request and expect assistance from parents and administrators in their efforts. Provide an assertive response to the following situations: List the names of a few students whose behavior has been difficult for you to manage.

Now relive that experience and act assertively in it. In the above situation, you would move through your list of negative cznter until the student complies.

Why do I have to sit out for playing cater But except in unusual circumstances the slate starts anew assertivs next day. To understand how messages are made more effective by the use of the student’s name, eye contact, and gesture, practice assertivd following steps with another person. Give specifics in a positive or constructive manner. Berj rips up his worksheet and throws it on the floor, mumbling, “I’m not doing this crap.


Also write the message mentioned in step 6. Pedagogy School and classroom behaviour. It’s been five minutes since I asked you to clean up. Identify the following teacher response as being that of an assertive teachera hostile teacher, or a non-assertive teacher sometimes you will see a combination of two cantsr Part of this approach dkscipline developing a clear classroom discipline plan that consists of rules which students must follow at all times, positive recognition that students will receive for following the rules, and consequences that result when students choose not to follow the rules.

This instruction involves more than just giving commands. Mike is not wearing his goggles during an activity that requires chipping pieces off of a rock with a hammer and chisel. Conduct a self-analysis by completing the following: Should students have an influence in the formation of rules and routines? You finally handed in an assignment that doesn’t look like chicken scratchings.

Assertive discipline

The Canters say that teachers show their concern for today’s youth when they demand dkscipline promote appropriate classroom behavior. If kids don’t presently possess desired classroom behaviors, teach them! So did Harold and Cynthia.