Editorial Reviews. Review. “Flawless pacing, effervescent wit, and nonstop humor that ranges Scandal Wears Satin (The Dressmakers Series Book 2) by [ Chase, Loretta]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading. One of the finest romance authors of all time.”—Julia QuinnNew York Times bestselling author Loretta Chase follows her historical romance gem, Silk is. Scandal Wears Satin. Loretta Chase. Buy This Book. Can a beautiful, conniving, brilliant French dressmaker find true love with a gorgeous.

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There was no connection, understanding, love, and most of all, respect between the two. Sophy is the brains and Longmore is happy to not have to think about anything, which he admits to anyone who will listen. Now Izzy’s given up yearning for romance. But the plot was too convoluted and the beginning was slightly confusing. It’s Monday morning, and I could use a few laughs. Sophy was too experienced in deceit to show her feelings. I’m not sure if I’ll read the next title in the series or not.

If maybe she hadn’t tried so hard to make a stupid guy into the main character, the chemistry would have flowed more easily. Talk about opposites attract. Dressing him to satim

Perhaps not as good as 1 in the Dressmakers series, but this book is filled with classic Loretta Chase humor, fun characters, and a bit of adventure.

Fate laughs at his good intentions and drives him straight into conflict with Miss Mirabel Oldridge, his match in tenacity, intelligence, and deviousness – who also happens to be wildly irresistible. The Lion’s Daughter By: Esperare a la tercer a ver si mejora con la tercera hermana.

It’s a touch little girly whiney shudders.

In most romances it is usually the hero who takes centre stage but, in Scandal Wears SatinSophy is definitely the star of the show in my opinion. With phonetic writing the reader is forced to scandsl down to imagine how the accented dialog sounds losing the pacing of the conversation and some of its meaning and impact. Believing his days are numbered, Quinn offers Jane marriage as a way to guarantee her independence and provide for her child. Even the first book of this series, Silk is for Seduction, reads so much better.


And so she’s vowed to break the rules and loreta the life of pleasure she’s been missing.

Scandal Wears Satin

I needed Sophy and Harry belligerently breaking up with one another while simultaneously making love. I’m very guilty of this when I’m proofreading my own work.

Someone who knows everything about rule-breaking. IMHO, most blokes are pretty simple, and they are not going to analyse everything all the time. Other books in the series. Wrong setting 4 18 May 21, When Emma Gladstone, a vicar’s daughter turned seamstress, appears in his library wearing a wedding gown, he decides on the spot that she’ll do.

El poder de la palabra, tanto escrita como hablada, es muy poderosa y ella lo hace magistralmente. But that was Sophy, always saving everyone dcandal rarely, if ever, thinking about herself.

Without Clara, business for Maison Noirot will suffer. Selling Maison Noirot’s beautiful designs to aristocratic ladies is a little harder, especially since a recent family scandal has mad From the Journals of Sophia Noirot: His estate is saddled with debt, and the late earl’s three innocent sisters are still occupying the house – along with Kathleen, Lady Trenear, a beautiful young widow whose sharp wit and determination are a match for Devon’s own.

I did miss the secondary characters. But, good-hearted and dutiful, Isabella accompanies her two young country cousins to oversee their London debut I needed this dry sass-fest of a book. He finds society’s “perfect darlings” exceedingly boring.

HeatherY San Diego Besides her style, her characters just seem so likeable and lifelike. Turning scandal to the shop’s advantage requires every iota of Sophy’s skills, leaving her little patience for a big, reckless rake like the Earl of Longmore. She’s one of those characters who gets these ideas and then calls herself brilliant for thinking up these ideas, and it just so happens that some of those ideas pan out, BUT they probably wouldn’t have.


It must dazzle his loreetta, raise his temperature Devoted scanda, of Loretta Chase. I laughed so much.

Scandal Wears Satin (Audiobook) by Loretta Chase |

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The only thing I don’t quite get is the whole DeLucey thing and about little Lucie’s eyes. Turning scandal to the shop’s advantage requires every iota of Sophy’s skills, leaving her little patience for a big, lkretta rake like the Earl of Longmore.

If you read her previous books in print it is well worth the price to hear them in audio as they become available. Another example would be this, “She stretched and moved, seeking more, as a cat did when petted, though no cat could feel like this.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lady Clara, because she seemed most real. For reasons that elude her, bookish, bespectacled Olympia is supposed to marry a gorgeous rake of a duke. I kind of think this is a bit like Longmore trying to think And a gratuitous pic of my fave tall dark hunk It was quite charming and endearing and made me fall a little in love with the character myself.

Chase comes up with it all – great plot, great characters, and great writing. In Silk is for Seduction, we see Marceline get her happy ending but it also hinted at who would be the most likely next couple. Christmas magic is in the air Devon Ravenel, London’s most wickedly charming rake, has just inherited an earldom.