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View all 3 ralsos. They will continue the adventure together but we will have their points of view to both, on each side, which will give us the impression of two parallel paths rather than a common history.

Los monederos falsos – André Gide | Libros Kalish – Librería online

Solo las personas que abandonan sus hogares pueden ser unos seres libres, fuertes, originales, reflexivas. El texto tiene estructura de notas del borrador. This novel may have been controversial and significant in its time, particularly in regards to its unique stylistic exposition and the obvious homosexuality of most of the characters, but I do not think it is a novel “for all ages” as Gide gied have wished.

I finally finished it and am now going to read the journal the author kept while writing this. It’s practically right out of Dickens, but like act two of Dickens Sep 03, Dusty Myers rated it it was ok. Maybe I can’t fathom it because when I write I need to pre-plan most every important thing The form of the novel is unique, depending on which version you pick up.

This learning which is required by the changing nature of the everyday, the quotidian reality that is, perhaps, counterfeit. Somewhere in my reading, in fact, I began assuming any male character was gay until proven otherwise.

This is the only one he acknowledged as being a novel. One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore. There’s something subliminal about the Counterfeiters that is beyond my intelligence to figure out.

La historia se centra en la vida de dos chicos adolescentes: If you could read French, though, that may be the best asset for reading this book.

It wasn’t the easiest of books to follow but it was good in an interesting way. There is a section about the young boys in the novel faslos to pass off fake gold coins, but the author uses these coins — not to pursue any kind of a mystery story, but to offer them as a metaphor for the fake coins offered by civilizations cultural and religious icons: The author pushes the story beyond innuendo without going as far as Celine would a decade later. It’s only when Olivier realizes he needs to abandon Robert and side himself with a more modernistic writer like his uncle that he is safe.


It is this unusual composition that I thought made it an interesting read; along with which the way Gide demonstrates ideas through his characters and their actions much like Dostoevsky and Thomas Mann. Si je me retourne vers moi, je cesse de comprendre ce que ce mot veut dire. Gide toca temas importantes y universales: I recommend it well before Catcher in the Rye.

One of the story is about writing about writing. Trivia About The Counterfeiters.

Originally published inthis book became known for the frank sexuality of its contents and its account of middle class French morality. I mean the novel ends with a boy’s accidental suicide, out of the blue. Jan 09, Stephen rated it it was amazing. We re introduced to characters who play small parts and then disappear.

The book is a campy act much in the spirit of the movie All About Eve. The novel however ends on a very cruel note as a bullied child commits suicide in front of his classmates. Gide weaves a typical tale of upright bourgeoisie actually being quite immoral scumbags, but oh they have the angle, being lawyers, judges, professors, preachers, so get to do the cover-up and all is well. I can’t quite figure it out. I found the details of Edouard’s struggles with his career, his family, his friendships and love provide images that enhance the main themes, yet also provide narrative drive.

It’s especially informative and interesting to be witness to the progress of the novel in the Appendix, which reads as Gide’s diary throughout the writing of The Counterfeiters. It was — as far as I could tell — but certainly departed from the novelistic norms. Some of the characters are overtly homosexual, like the adolescent Olivier, and the adult writers Count de Passavant and Eduoard.

His self-exploratory texts reflect his search of how to be fully oneself, even to the point of owning one’s sexual nature, without at the same time betraying one’s values.


Hay una historia secundaria que tiene que ver con unos estudiantes parisinos que se monederks de estafar por medio de unas monedas falsas, y que me parece le sirve a Gide Eduardo para simbolizar su argumento principal: That in itself should be respected. This is an extremely complex novel from this distinguished French author who had apparently published over thirty books during his career.

In the novel, the author gives us to see a literary meeting where we see some great figures of the time, like Alfred Jarry who looks at this moment of a man overbearing, crazy and slightly offbeat reality by this original character that he plays in society.

What are the problems which falaos exercise the minds of to-morrow? I will say that I did find the novel a bit depressing but almost scientifically honest that way because it kind of mirrors what I see and experience about people.

The Counterfeiters

Other momederos devices are also used, such as an omniscient narrator that sometimes addresses the reader directly, weighs in on the characters’ motivations or discusses alternate realities. Have a little spare time? The English version translation I got out from my library the only one by Bussy wasn’t great.

It reminds anere of The Way of All Flesha 19th century bildungsroman centering on an uncle and his nephew, with winks to the discerning reader.

The Counterfeiters by André Gide

And it’s good information. Now author wants to write for the future, and i guess, write a classic, so that say someone in the 21st century, in another country, would read his book and think it says something to them, and that all the garbage written then in France, now in usa, etc is just that, now worth reading, not worth keeping or thinking about.

As well the discussion on homosexuality was new to me. Dec 25, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: Drifts from one character to the next. It’s an odd book with crisscrossing themes and story lines.