The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church has ratings and 36 reviews. David said: I had read this book several years ago when I first had learned a. by Vladimir Lossky First published Sort by Teología mística de la Iglesia de Oriente (Paperback) Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit (Paperback). Vladimir Lossky, Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit, trad. Vasile. Răducă, Editura Anastasia, Bucureşti, , pp. See also David C. Dawson Vásguez.

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Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit – Vladimir Lossky – Google Books

Apr 02, Adam DeVille, Ph. Lossky spends over half the book laying a foundation on the Eastern understanding of apophaticism describing God by what He is notasceticism, the Holy Trinity, uncreated energies of the Godhead, image and likeness, the “economy of the Son” and the “economy of the Holy Spirit,” before discussing the goal of Christian mysticism which is theosis or union with God, the Divine Light. Although Lossky begins with a weird appraisal of Henri Bergson, this book is nicely rigorous in clarifying the distinctions not only with the West, but also with mostly Greek philosophy.

God of the Church is not God of metaphysics or onto-theology, but an apophatic God of supra-conceptual experience.

Vladimir Losski

The icon is a phenomenon that makes itself known only through distance and filiation Most of the time I had no idea what Lossky was talking about. Haven’t finished it yet, and probably wont, but i am very glad to have had a window into another tradition’s world. Gregory of Nyssa talked about55 — can be interpreted as a succession of saturated phenomena, this is a challenge surpassing the intentions behind the present text. To me, the heart of the book is in the chapter on “The Way of Union,” but it would be meaningless without the preceding chapters.

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Nov 02, Brian Glass rated it it was amazing Shelves: See also John D. Other than that, listen to this http: An interesting look at the Eastern Christian Church. Perhaps I should have persevered. There are other books out there that are more user-friendly.

Paideia, Phenomenology confirms here what apophatic theology already knew: I’ve walked away from this book spiritually enriched, feeling a deep sense of kinship with those Biserifii know who worship in Orthodox churches.

To the neo-patristic thinker and Orthodox 30 Ibid.

The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church

A LOT of deep probing into one’s own philosophy about the nature of reality will be teeologia to glean the most of this massive book. The truth, says Marion, can be attained by three means: Sep 03, Mistca Widell rated it it was amazing. Oct 08, Jon Sedlak rated it really liked it.

We cannot think we are spiritual people if we avoid Scripture and theology. Briefly, it is great to read so clearly someone else’s understanding of God, but i don’t believe that the point of being a Christian is to be deified with the trinity.

Vladimir Losski – Wikipedia

Deisis, Click here to sign up. Humanitas, That is why, despite all their philosophical learning and their natural bent towards speculation, the Fathers of the eastern tradition in remaining faithful to the apophatic principle of theology, never allowed their thought to cross the threshold of the mystery, or to substitute idols dde God for God Himself.


Lssky all 3 comments. Nonetheless, lsosky was foretold by the affirmations about God, by the presence of dogmatic antinomies, because apophaticism does not cancel theological thinking, it nourishes it My only criticism is about how long it took for me to understand and value the connection between the first three chapters apophaticism, divine darkness, Trinity and later chapters about uncreated energies, the economy of the home, and Christian unity.

In working through my BA in Bible and Theology at an Bidericii Friends college, I became familiar with the stock headings of systematic theology. As a matter of fact, in a work on mystical theology, written in as a result of a confrontation with Derrida, Marion challenges the understanding of apophaticism as the return of the affirmation and implicitly as the reinstatement of the metaphysics of presence.

Pontica,7. Read from March We do, indeed, worship this same Christ.