Including a financing scheme in the Manado Oceans Declaration is a sticking point at this week’s World Oceans Conference in Indonesia. On Thursday, following closed negotiations held throughout the week, delegates adopted the Manado Ocean Declaration by acclamation. Manado Ocean Declaration. Adopted on 14 MAY , in Manado. Project Fostering a Global Dialogue on Oceans, Coasts, and SIDS.

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Ambassador Laurent Stefanini promoted the ocean as a source of alternative energies including offshore windmill technologies, waves and currents, and thermal sources. He also drew upon several Australian initiatives that other countries can benefit from, including: A beach cleanup and a live instrumental music performance followed. She emphasized that global ocean governance needs to be strengthened, and highlighted the advantages of an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management.

Marine resources — Congresses. Peter Garrett, Minister of Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Australia, hoped that consensus could be reached on the Manado Ocean Declaration, based on a unified vision.

Al Duda, GEF, identified the many financial opportunities available for climate change projects. He highlighted current limitations, including lack of infrastructure and skilled human resources, and accessibility of remote islands.

Chair Numberi noted further steps to be taken immediately, including: Another speaker encouraged Indonesians to charge higher fees for tourists to visit national parks containing coral reefs. Natasha Stacey, Charles Darwin University, Australia, presented findings of pilot research designed to improve knowledge of whale shark migrations in East Indonesia and create whale shark conservation opportunities for Indonesian fishers. He also said that adaptation efforts should build upon existing institutions and their wealth of experience.

He highlighted that his province has achieved harmony among a high level of cultural devlaration ethnic diversity.

He said that studies have recorded: In the afternoon, five speakers considered more specific aspects of coral reef management. He reiterated his commitment to work in partnership with CTI members, and stressed that they must retain ownership and not allow outside institutions to drive the process.


BookOnline – Google Books. Lynne Hale, TNC, called for an approach to mqnado adaptation that enhances resilience of natural systems while using them as a maando infrastructure against climate change impacts. Cite this Email this Add to favourites Print this page. He also noted other benefits of mangrove planting not directly associated with climate change, such as an adaptation measure for tsunamis.

Summary of WOC – May – Manado – Indonesia

Michael Somare, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, stressed that future generations depend on the conservation of natural resources, and highlighted his country as an epicenter of biodiversity. He called for an interdisciplinary approach to evaluating the potential costs and benefits of tourism.

Bet Lagarense, University of Waterloo, Canada, remarked upon the rapid growth of marine tourism, adding that this presents both opportunities and threats. For more information, contact: He indicated uncertainties associated with carbon decladation and storage in seabeds, including its impact on sea life and leakage potential, and called for a financial mechanism for the development of ocean-based hydrokinetic energy.

Can I get a copy? Local Implementation and Good Practices.

Manado Ocean Declaration, World Conference, Manado, 2009

Murihungirire said that our understanding of the cause and effect of abiotic parameters such dcelaration wind and oceanic temperature along the Namibian coastline is improving and informing the prioritization of further research. The Kyoto Protocol entered into force on 16 February Similar Items World Ocean Conference delegates’ handbook: This meeting will be held Junein Molde, Norway. Participants discussed the vulnerability of developing countries to climate change impacts and the need to eradicate poverty.

Another outlined a management plan developed at Komodo National Park, Indonesia, to render the associated MPA environmentally declarqtion, economically strong, and socially declartaion. They noted that bleaching is a symptom of environmental stress and is affecting increasing numbers of coral reefs. Climatic changes — Congresses.

Roberto Calcagno, Prince Albert Oceanographic Foundation, Monaco, stressed the importance of adequate communication ocaen the scientific world, civil society and policy makers and invited participants to contribute to the Monaco Ocean Summit to be held April Excerpts from the Bulletin may be used in other publications with appropriate academic citation.


This proposal was formally welcomed by 21 states during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit held in Australia in Brian Hallman, Assistant Director; tel: Biliana Cicin-Sain, Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands, reflected on the convergence of governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental organizations, and science and industry sectors ofean deal with the urgent economic and environmental ramifications associated with oceans and climate change.

He cautioned that climate change will tip the balance of fisheries management in favor of fisheries collapse and mentioned various marine initiatives by the Seychelles, such as: Payet emphasized the support of the GEF and various UN agencies in addressing threats to oceans, through programmes such as: He described the Global Ocean Policy Day as a historic undertaking requiring multiple stakeholders to emphasize the connections between global climate change and the oceans and coasts.

Ambassador Laurent Stefanini spoke about emission reduction goals and the overlap of GOC and the international year of biodiversity. White recommended that basic planning and management of the MPA networks be improved.

How do I find a book? Local officials expressed hope that the ceremony would encourage similar planting and cleaning endeavors in communities throughout Sulawesi and Indonesia. Roger McManus, Conservation International, US, presented on the future of the CTI, emphasizing the need to reverse the declining trends of environmental quality and ecosystem services in the region. Other associated meetings will be held from June He also highlighted temporal and spatial changes in the migration of marine species in selected marine protected areas MPAs in the US, and urged countries to contribute to the US initiative to establish a global ocean monitoring system.

She provided statistics indicating a consistent increase in hazards and related consequences, including: